Bee colony for the “gymkerei

Bee colony for the 'gymkerei

Bernhard panzer for amancay greulich, teacher at the gymnasium and hobby beekeeper, friday was a very special day. She was able to participate when a colony of bees was relocated from the zeidler house on herzo base to the sports field next to the school. So the high school now has its own beehive.

Now in the beginning of spring is the right time for such a mabnahme, explained “beekeeper-pope” klaus becker, when the transport was prepared in the morning hours. Third in the group was beekeeper gerhard knaus. Originally, the action had been planned together with the schoolchildren, but the corona crisis with the school ban put a spanner in the works. Nevertheless, the project had to be carried out because “we were endangering the well-being of the bees at a later point in time”, reports becker.

Elective course at school

But the schoolchildren are by no means surprised, even if they are not aware of the action now. Because there is an elective course “beekeeping”, which is attended by 14 students from the fifth to seventh grades and which was initiated and is led by amancay greulich. Young people have been thinking about this for a long time, and they have already made arrangements.

This is how the colony that has now moved gets a new “hive”. This is the name of the house or the hive where they hibernated and still live now. This wooden box is going back to the beekeepers’ association, while the bees will soon be allowed to move into their new home. The schools have prepared the site near the sports ground and the new “booty” deleted. Also planted bee friendly shrubs. And from the friends of the high school they have received ten protective suits.

And that’s not all. Schools also take responsibility for beneficial animals. As the teacher says, there will always be two students a week who will be in trouble. “They are even on duty during the summer vacations”, says the 39-year-old, not without pride.

Has beekeeping become a matter close to her heart?. She was accepted as a trial beekeeper by klaus becker and his association, and as such she was allowed to take the people to the high school for free. For a colony usually costs 150 euros, as becker notes. The hundred euros for the new “prey” brings up the school.

Brand name “gymkerei

The deputy principal of the herzogenaurach high school, wolfgang ruhling, accompanied the moving action. The school’s educational mission is to teach everyday skills, he says. Teaching bees fits in perfectly.

The head of the biology department and hobby beekeeper greulich has another reason to be happy. Your students are very enthusiastic about the project. So they have for their project the brand name "gymkerei" formed by a democratic decision, as greulich says. "Gym" is an amalgamation of gymnasium and beekeeping.

50 jars of honey

Of course there is also an own honey, probably from june, as klaus becker states. And also with the winning of the healthy food the pupils are to cooperate. So becker can imagine taking the honey extractor to the school kitchen and then working together. The young people have also thought of a label, but they have not yet revealed what the school honey will be called. 25 to 30 kilos of honey per year can be expected, says becker. There will be about 50 rough glaziers.

The idea of an own bee colony was born two years ago, when a P-seminar was formed to the school garden. If you create a flowering garden, you also need bees for it. A stick could not be placed directly in the area of the school, because the school garden is also a playground. But with the somewhat remote location at the fubballplatz, a suitable home was found on city property. The city also immediately supported the project, says the teacher.

A few thousand animals live in the "bien" now that they have found a new life after the winter, what the colony is called. By summer, there will be between 20,000 and 50,000, the estimates of amancay greulich and klaus becker diverged there. The head beekeeper, who looks after twelve beekeepers at the zeidlerhaus, tends to the rough numbers. "We’ll be millionaires by summer, he says. "Breathtaking" is, as the teacher schwarmt, the work of the queen. "She can lay 2000 eggs a day."

The school’s own bee colony is, by the way, carnica bees. A gentle breed, as becker says. It has been tried and tested for years. "They are hardly aggressive, stay on the honeycomb, do not swarm immediately." That’s important, too, because children and young people in particular quickly lose their enthusiasm if they’re constantly being stung. "Of course", according to becker’s wife, the carnica stings too – if you argue with it." So be good, children.

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