Between the stage, celebrities and arrests

Between the stage, celebrities and arrests

Barbara rutting is not only known to people who are concerned with healthy food: to this day, she is regarded as a revolutionary and tireless campaigner for healthy, vegetarian food. Barbara rutting wholemeal bread is even available in supermarkets today. Currently barbara rutting is staying in stadtsteinach for a cure. She has her dog lola with her, collects new experiences on llama hikes – and of course she is also fighting against the bypass that is supposed to pass right by salem.

At the press conference at salem, where the closure of the tourist facilities was officially announced, they made no secret of the fact that they were reluctant to do so. Why – they will be gone soon?
Barbara rutting: i found out by chance that the bypass road is supposed to go right past salem – right through the middle of nature. But the construction of the strabe is once again only the fight against symptoms. It was necessary to work to get more trucks on the rails, to make sure that stations were not shut down but expanded. And why shouldn't it be possible to introduce a speed limit of 30 km/h in stadtsteinach and thus exclude the trucks that don't pay the toll and drive through the town?? Anything is possible, and I have to disagree with the member of the bundestag, emmi zeulner. It always comes down to money. You have to fight for it and not just build roads all the time.

What did you have in mind for salem??
Here it is like this. There is no substitute for nature. My vision was to build an eye clinic there. The conditions were ideal. I am also here because of the treatment of a macular degeneration.

Standing up for something and fighting for something is still your life motto today, isn't it??
Actually, I didn't want to fight, but rather to convince. I have always tried to do that. On very different subjects.

Don't you get tired at the age of 90??
No, maybe that's because I'm a scorpio and have a strong sense of justice. I am also politically engaged.
Which party – you left the greens??
Yes, i ended up with the v-party 3. The V stands for "united visions realized, for change, responsibility, reason. I am on place 2 of the federal list. They asked me, I didn't want to at first. But then I said, if you really want an old one like that, then I'll do it. If I'm unlucky, I'll still become chancellor. We are represented in almost all federal states, we have quickly collected the necessary signatures of support.

You are a vegetarian yourself?
Yes. In the meantime I even live vegan. I have been a vegetarian for decades, but I still ate eggs and drank milk. Then I put my own bread on the market. It is quite a feeling when you can buy your own bread everywhere. When I meet people in the supermarket and they tell me that they have been constipated for 70 years and now – since they have been eating my bread – have a healthy digestion again, then that is better for me than any theatrical applause. That makes me happy.
I myself am vegan in the meantime. I just had to go one step further. But V-party 3 is not about making everyone vegetarian. The point is to make people aware that it is important to eat less meat. There are no knitters in the party like there were in the beginning with the greens, but there are many people in the party from the SPD who had already made a difference before. I like that.

How did you get the idea to become a vegetarian??
I remember that very well. I had a farmhouse with my boyfriend in austria in 1970. We saw the deer in front of the house, saw the lamb from the neighbor gustl. And so it came about that we could no longer imagine eating gustls lamb with beans. Then we also got a pheasant as a gift. It was plucked and roasted, but none of us could eat it anymore. Then the dog got it.

You resigned early from the green party. So politics has obviously not always been a pleasure for you?
I come from the peace movement, was present at so many demonstrations, chained myself, was arrested so many times. I was against nuclear power and demonstrated for peace. Three years ago – at the age of 87 – I was knocked over by a truck during a demonstration and fell backwards down the embankment. Since then I have balance problems.

But these are not the only blessings that the constant struggle has brought them?
No. When I was in the state parliament, I introduced a motion against the beak-shortening of chickens. It's like cutting off the lips of a baby – it hurts the animals just as much. And you do all this just to keep the factory farming going. At that time – while I was making the application – I got atrial fibrillation. A veterinarian just shrugged his shoulders when I told him about these beak shortenings. The atrial fibrillation remains. I also fought against the shredding of kuken. You can shine a light on the eggs and see if a rooster or a hen is going to hatch. It is not done only because of the cost. Sometimes I despair over such things.

You are not only known as a politician, but also as a campaigner and above all as an actress and author?
Yes, I have written twenty books. I've been on the theater stage, I've acted in many movies – also with well-known actors. At the age of 75, I still began to familiarize myself with the computer world. For me there was never a career break. For me it has always been one career after another.

They cut off their spare hair to finish their acting time?
Yes, because hair dyes were tested on animals, I cut my hair very short in protest against it.

And now – what will they do when the cure in stadtsteinach is over??
I am currently revising my children's cookbook. The vegetarian recipes become vegan. It's a lot of work, because on 10. The cookbook will be published in october. It is also a cookbook for parents.


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