Biden: us government wants to tighten gun laws

Biden: us government wants to tighten gun laws

He will do everything he can to get it to president barack obama by then, biden said before his other meetings with stakeholders in washington. In the course of the day, biden also wanted to meet with a representative of the NRA gun lobby to discuss how tragedies like the one in newtown – where 20 children and seven adults died in a hail of bullets from a gunman – can be prevented in the future. Even before this meeting, shots rang out at a high school in taft, california, on thursday. At least two people were injured, the perpetrator was arrested according to media reports.

Biden warned that "there is no singular solution to gun violence. With the presentation of his proposal, the discussion about stricter laws is therefore far from over. However, despite strong opposition from the gun lobby and conservative politicians, it is time to make it more difficult to sell certain firearms. "The public wants us to act."In part, this could also be done "by decree" if necessary, as biden already announced on wednesday.

Biden was appointed by obama after the newtown school massacre to head a task force to review the country’s lax gun laws. On wednesday, he already met with representatives of gun opponents and victims’ families, and on thursday he had invited to washington for talks with the powerful gun lobby, sport shooters and other groups. Especially the meeting with the national rifle association (NRA) caused interest.

He and obama are more determined than ever to act, biden says. "At some point, something happens that gets the attention of a nation," he said less than a month after the horrific bloodbath in newtown.

Biden-led commission to propose ways to prevent future tragedies like the small town in connecticut where a gunman killed 20 children and seven adults in an elementary school. Among other things, there is talk of a ban on the sale of semi-automatic weapons and particularly coarse magazines that can be used to fire a large number of rounds without reloading. Concrete proposals expected as early as next week.

The NRA represents millions of members who strongly oppose any tightening of gun laws. Pro-gun groups plan to hold a rally immediately before obama’s official second inauguration on 20. January a national "weapons appreciation day" to counter the growing sentiment against the current regulations on the possession and carrying of weapons among the general population. Given the contrasting positions, no immediate results were expected from biden’s talks with the NRA on thursday afternoon.

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