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BluSmart Leverages Truecaller Tech to Add Trust to Consumer Identity

BluSmart, India’s first 100% electric and sustainable mobility solution, announced that it would be leveraging the Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID solution to establish trust in the identity and communication between the users/riders and drivers. The collab is in line to add to the overall user experience by leveraging Truecaller’s expertise. The partnership will enable users to see a strong/prominent display of brand elements (names and logo) which creates a strong recall. Then, the caller ID with a professional presentation and an authentic calling experience for riders add to the trust.

BluSmart said that with the help of Truecaller Business Solutions, it had increased its calling efficacy to 82%. Because of a branded caller ID, the user perception changes when he/she interacts with the business, making the communication process a more seamless one. But the partnership between the two companies is wider than just this. To aid to the user experience, BluSmart said that it is leveraging the Truecaller SDK to enable an instant, 1-tap, and OTP free verification/sign-up for new users.

“Truecaller is empowering businesses both in terms of customer communication and verification. With our verified business caller ID and mobile number-based verification solutions, BluSmart has taken a big stride towards its goal of ensuring safe and reliable rides for everyone,” said Priyam Bose, Global Head, GTM at Truecaller.

Anirudh Arun, COO, BluSmart, said, “With BluSmart, we’re already aiming at bringing back customer confidence in ride-hailing services. Our zero cancellation & zero surge policies are at the forefront of doing that. This has been further expedited by Truecaller’s support. They have assisted us in ensuring a secure and streamlined experience for our users.”

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