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Bonus: AskDroneU Special Thanksgiving Episode

Join us today for a special Thanksgiving Episode where we talk about things we are greatful for and also discuss upcoming Black Friday deals and things you can focus on purchase at deal prices. Today’s episode is brought to you by Drone U Black Friday Sale. We are offering a huge discount on our membership including the limited time ‘lifetime’ membership giving a savings of around $2000. In this episode Rob and Paul talk about the many things they are grateful for and how these have had a positive impact in their personal and professional life. We would like to thank our customers, leadership, team and the business community for the many wonderful memories they have provided over the many years. We also talk about Black Friday deals and how this is possibly the best time to purchase those drones and drone accessories that can add a significant edge to your business. Visit Drone U Black Friday deals for all the best drone deals.

Drone U wishes its listeners a Happy Thanksgiving !!

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[01:58] The things Paul is grateful for

[03:35] Rob shares his experience from running multiple business and why Rob enjoys his work at Drone U

[04:48] Paul and Rob talk about the business community in Colorado

[06:25] Rob and Paul express their thanks to all our customers, leaders, instructors and team who work at Drone U

[09:03] How to make the best of Black Friday, Cyber Monday deals this years

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