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Bonus: Why drone data is so valuable for roofing contractors and inspections – Interview with John and Ryan from Division 7 Roofing

We are excited to bring this very special podcast for our viewers. On today’s show we discuss why drone data is valuable for roofing contractors and inspections and to discuss this topic we invited John and Ryan from Division 7 Roofing, prominent roofing contractors and co-developers of Roofing Inspection course on our PROPS platform. On our show today we not only discuss the many aspects of the roof inspection business and how drone pilots and DSP can provide immense value for roofing contractors. However we do not just have a discussion but have John and Ryan show a demo of their projects and how value is added in the roo inspection business by drones! Join us as we discuss the ways DSP can provide maximum value to contractors, the use of Optelos software in roof inspections and how Optelos is the best suited software for DSPs. We also discuss some of the recurring revenues for drone pilots in the roof inspection industry and pay range for drone pilots involved in flying for roofing contractors. Additional topics that we discuss on today’s podcast include discussions on the usage of thermal drones for inspections, features provided by Optelos and how drone imagery can assist with improving deliverable quality in roofing inspection projects. Watch Ryan as he provides a demo of roofing inspection projects and Optelos ! Tune in Today for this exciting and information packed podcast!! Get Your Biggest and Most Common Drone Certificate Questions Answered by Downloading this FREE Part 107 PDF

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[01:03] Know our guests for today, the team from Division 7 [02:05] Learn about Division 7 specialized training for DSPs, roofing contractors and drone pilots [03:56] What are some verticals in the roofing industry that provide highest value [05:10] Where is highest value observed in the roofing project timeline for drone pilots [12:57] Ryan explains the use of Optelos software in roof inspection projects [15:45] What is recurring revenue model for roof inspection job for drone pilots [19:09] What is the pay range for drone pilots in roof inspection jobs [25:53] The discussion on relative accuracy vs absolute accuracy in flying roofing inspections [32:41] Do thermal drones provide value for roofing contractors? [40:32] Demo on Multi Ortho overlap [45:20] Charging for additional work in roofing projects and how drone imagery can assist with avoiding additional workload for pilots [46:18] Additional features provided by Optelos [48:16] Creating project portfolio and showcasing projects for roofing contractors [49:50] Demo on digitizer and showcasing project using Optelos

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