Breakfast: rather a lukewarm affair

Breakfast: rather a lukewarm affair

That was a rather modest pre-spring weekend, at least outside the iphof gourmet fair. There were still no signs of a new springtime atmosphere.

At least, the signs are getting stronger. The number of cyclists on the bicycle paths is increasing. There is more movement on the trimm-dich trail in tannig than in the past cold weeks. The first golfers turn their rounds.

For a few days now, there has also been a hint of fresh grass on the fields. And crocus, snowbells and co. Are unstoppable anyway. Also on the former garden show grounds on the main in sthashausen. There are the first splashes of color to be seen and they awaken memories.

Once again you see how fast time flies. Exactly one year ago, there were 76 days to go before the start of the small garden show in kitzingen. The consequences of the flood, which submerged the area twice, were no longer visible. People were out and about all over the countryside. Work was going on in all corners and at all ends.

This applied to the whole city, where digging was going on everywhere. Slabs were laid on the main quay, the hotel ship dock was still under construction. The friedrich-ebert-strabe was besieged by construction machines and with the northern bypass one could not be sure whether it would be finished by the opening of the garden show.

Today we know for a long time that everything was finished on time. The garden show was a huge success and is already history again. Which shows how fast time flies and the next round is just about to start, with snowdrops and yet a rather balmy breeze.


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