Burgerblock relies on dual leadership

The burgerblock lichteneiche (BBL) has drawn up its list for the next election of the memmelsdorf municipal council in march 2020 and nominated its mayoral candidate – and it wants to run again with a double leadership. That’s why incumbent councilors bettina braun and rainer dusold occupy the first to fourth places on the list. They were also in the future gladly again their commitment in the memmelsdorfer municipal council and lichteneiche there motivated and responsible to represent want.

The following places on the list are occupied by other motivated burgers from lichteneiche. The list is a balanced, complementary mix of old and young as well as women and men, which is very important to the burgerblock lichteneiche. The list proposal was unanimously approved


In a second event, the burgerblock lichteneiche put forward its candidate jurgen reinwald for the office of first mayor of the municipality of memmelsdorf. Reinwald has already been crowned the CSU’s candidate for mayor, and he is also the candidate of the active burghers of drosendorf (ABD). The supporters and supporters of the electoral group BBL are also impressed by his attributes "committed, competent and reliable", which he set himself during the election campaign and unanimously nominated him as their candidate for mayor.

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