Burgerwehr jubilee and kirchweih can come

The church fair at the end of august casts its shadow ahead in rudenhausen. Because this year’s celebrations will be more coarse, especially on tuesday, mayor gerhard ackermann now presented the program to the municipal council that those responsible had come up with. On tuesday, 28. August, the last day of the kirchweih, the jubilee "400 years of the burgerwehr" is celebrated. For this purpose, the burgerwehren from some neighboring villages were invited, which will come as guests with delegations to the move out.

It starts on tuesday as usual at noon with the line-up in front of the town hall, where the rudenhauser men in tails and top hats, as well as the guests line up. Then the procession moves into the castle courtyard, where otto furst zu castell-rudenhausen and his mother maria bury the weir. Here, too, everything is planned, the order of entry as well as the place to assemble. Later, only rudenhauser men in tails and top hats were allowed to attend the burgershift, more is not possible for organizational and time reasons, it was said. At about 4 p.M., the guest fire brigades are bid farewell, and after the prize distribution at 5 p.M., the people of rudenhausen return to the town. At the burger ball in the evening, an entrance fee will be waived this time, the rates were agreed upon.

For the anniversary, a special coin was created, which will be distributed to the participants. In addition, mayor ackermann informed that a festschrift will be prepared. The archivist of the VG, karen ronninger, has compiled historical pictures and newspaper clippings. For this, peter koch will make an exhibition of photos, hieb es.

The only thing that causes some concern in the run-up to the kirchweih are the exhibitors who set up some stands and small rides for the children in the castle park. After it was already difficult in the past years to attract exhibitors to the town because of the lack of turnover, the offer must probably be reduced further, said mayor ackermann. This time there will be only a children’s carousel, and a booth with ball piercing. The mayor is not the only one who would like to have a sliding booth, but he still has to talk to possible suppliers. In addition, the three associations TSV, schutzengilde and kindergarten, which host the kirchweih, want to distribute a flyer to all households. In this way, they want to attract more visitors, not only from the exhibitors, but also from the kirchweih.

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