Virus crisis squeezes conti profits by half

virus crisis squeezes conti profits by half

The corona crisis hit the business of automotive supplier continental hard in the first quarter.

As reported by the hanover-based DAX-listed corporation, profits fell by almost half to 292.3 million euros. Conti even expects red figures for the second quarter.

The entire auto industry is struggling with collapsed sales and overcapacities due to the pandemic, and suppliers and tire manufacturers are also feeling the impact.


Significantly fewer corona infections in bamberg recently

Significantly fewer corona infections in bamberg recently

The covid-19 infection in the city and county of bamberg is flattening out considerably. The number of newly infected has risen in one week (from 7. Until the 14. May) only increased by ten people. In the past two weeks (1. Until 14. May) there were only 25 new traps, according to the health department at the district administration office. In contrast, the number of those recovered from the 7. Up to the 14. May increased by 33 to 417. From 1. Until the 14. May the number of recovered rose by 79.

The current case figures from 15. May: the number of people still infected is 130. 419 people have recovered. In total, 603 people have been proven to be infected with the corona virus since mid march. Again two people have died with the virus. This brings the death toll to 52 plus two who did not die of covid-19 (but were infected).

This means that bamberg is currently far from the so-called "emergency brake": where more than 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants are recorded within a week, the disaster control authorities must react. For the city and county of bamberg, this was applied to a total of 113 new covid 19 traps. The numbers of the past weeks are far from it. However, at the end of march and beginning of april, bamberg had exceeded the critical limit several times.


Erlangen result only on monday

On sunday, 29. March, the oberburgermeister runoff election will take place in erlangen. The candidates are the incumbent florian janik (SPD) and his challenger jorg volleth (CSU). The bavarian state government’s decision to automatically provide all eligible voters with election documents within 14 days due to the corona pandemic has presented all election offices with a major logistical challenge, according to the city’s town hall report. The city of erlangen’s election office is currently in the process of printing and compiling the last of some 83,000 absentee ballots and mailing them to all eligible voters through deutsche post, he says.

See you on sunday, 29. March, at 6 p.M., the completed election letters must be returned to the city administration. For this, they must either be sent by mail today, put in the city hall mailbox by 6 p.M. On sunday, or put in one of the yellow ballot boxes at one of erlangen’s elementary schools between 1 p.M. And 6 p.M. On sunday.

Forthcoming payout

As the electoral office further informs, on the evening of the election itself, all the election letters received must first be sorted according to the electoral districts. The mayor’s runoff election will be paid on monday, 30. March, at the town hall. The payment is pending, as all brieahlunterlagenen must first be checked for validity in total. Therefore, the results of the election are not expected to be published before 2 p.M. On monday afternoon. Monday’s payment is open to the public, and interested citizens can attend by registering at the gate of the town hall.


Researchers:regulate self-testing of vaccines

researchers:regulate self-testing of vaccines

There have already been several cases in recent weeks in which researchers have tested corona vaccines developed by them on themselves. Such self-experimentation urgently needed to be regulated, claim scientists from the USA and denmark.

This form of research raises many legal and ethnic questions, they explain in the specialist magazine "science. If these were not addressed, people’s confidence in the development of safe corona vaccines could be compromised.

According to several scientists in the USA, they have already tested self-mixed corona vaccine candidates on their own bodies. There are similar reports from russia and china, among others.


German corona app also available in other european countries

German corona app also available in other european countries

The corona-warn-app from germany can now also be downloaded and used by many visitors from european foreign countries. Today, the application appeared in eleven european countries in the respective app stores, as the robert koch institute announced on twitter.

In addition to neighbors from the benelux countries, the app can also be used by users from france, austria, the czech republic, poland, denmark, romania and bulgaria when they are in germany. In germany, the number of downloads rose slightly to 13 million, equivalent to 15.6 percent of the population.

To make it easier to enter an infection status in the app, more doctors’ offices are now to be prepared to send the test results digitally. The federal association of panel doctors announced a new form for corona tests, each with an individual QR code. The forms can either be ordered as printed copies or printed out using the software in the doctors’ offices. The form is also available in a version for the public health service.


“Mainly drug stories”

Anyone who currently has an appointment with uwe bauer can’t get past the fever thermometer. The requirements at the district court of forchheim are strict. For the protection and safety of all. Uwe bauer is the new director of the forchheim district court.

His predecessor franz truppei moved to the bamberg higher regional court, bauer previously worked as a presiding judge at the bamberg regional court. Frankischer tag visited him in his office and talked to him about his work under corona conditions, crime in forchheim and the traps that moved him the most.

Mr. Bauer, you have been director of the forchheim district court for almost a year now. What is the state of crime in the city??


Another location for the logistics center would be better

The logistics company CS trans must vacate its leased warehouses by the end of the year because no agreement could be reached with the owners. The company submitted a building application to the city of bad staffelstein to build a 15000 square meter rough shed at a different location, northeast of grundfeld, as well as a workshop, a washing facility, a gas station and truck parking spaces. The state heritage council, an advisory body to the state government, has now voted unanimously against the construction of the company complex at such a prominent site in the main valley.

The landesdenkmalrat (state council for the preservation of historical monuments) rejects the construction of the building at this site because it is a cultural landscape worthy of special protection. The gottesgarten on the obermain with vierzehnheiligen and banz monastery is particularly sensitive, is how the committee’s reasoning can be summed up.

Previous story

The town of bad staffelstein did not make the decision lightly. In february 2019, the city council had approved the development by majority vote. In a referendum held in november 2019, 66.5 percent of those eligible to vote were in favor of building the new halls. In the june 2020 meeting, the city council postponed the decision on a project-related urban land use plan and on the preliminary design of the new building. A working group was formed to reconcile all the interests involved.


Gloss: the unknown creature from the supermarket

In the meantime, you can invite all your friends and family to your home. On 17. June the contact restriction was relaxed. But do you want that right now, so immediately and directly already again? And is it safe after more than three months of self-isolation??

Most astronauts, for example, have spent less time in space than we have in our home space station. And they had to hang a few days of isolation after they returned to earth – just to be on the safe side. The dangers that lurk down here are far more serious than the vacuum or meteorites in space.

The unknown creature from the supermarket

One of the worst risks is making its way through the supermarket. It has arms and legs like a human being. The unknown being can also speak, as can be seen from a shrill "hi"-reputation. But what or who it is exactly cannot be seen under a face mask printed with flowers.


Reduction in value-added tax dampens inflation

Reduction in value-added tax dampens inflation

Inflation in germany slipped below the zero mark in september for the second time since the reduction in value-added tax.

Consumer prices were 0.2 percent below the level of the previous month, as the federal statistical office announced on tuesday on the basis of preliminary data. Annual inflation thus fell to its lowest level since january 2015, when it was minus 0.3 percent.

Statisticians in wiesbaden had already calculated negative annual inflation of minus 0.1 percent in july of this year, and consumer prices stagnated in august.


Cultivating tradition is once again on the back burner

Cultivating tradition is once again on the back burner

Due to the corona pandemic, stockheim's popular miners' tradition is once again on a dip. Miners' christmas, christmas market, barbara celebrations with a layer of meat and the miners' band's christmas concert fall victim to covid-19. Especially the rough mountain parade used to attract a lot of guests. Only on saturday, 4. December, takes place at 5 pm in the house of god st. Wolfgang with pastor hans-michael dinkel a service for the deceased miners takes place. The singers of the folkstrachtenverein "zechgemeinschaft" neukenroth will provide the vocal accompaniment. The obligation to wear a mask still applies.

Chairman heiko eisenbeib regrets the standstill. Finally one had acquired uniforms for new active members in the past year, which were privately financed. In this respect, the miners' association of stockheim and the surrounding area is well positioned, eisenbeib emphasized.

Although the last coal mine "st. The "katharina" mine was closed forever in 1968, the mining heritage in the community of stockheim and also in the district of kronach is still considered to be of great importance. The local coal mines in stockheim, reitsch and in the neighboring neuhaus have had a decisive influence on the region and have contributed significantly to its industrial development. From 1935 to 1968, about 1500 miners worked in the stockheim mine. In the meantime, the ruhr region, with its 173 mines, has also reached the end of the line.

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