Earthquake in the trubach valley: authentic operation in egloffstein

Earthquake in the trubach valley: authentic operation in egloffstein

Amelie heid and josef hofbauer helping is a learned skill. Karlheinz pfaff, a nurse and rescue service manager from worms, knows this all too well. He has repeatedly been to crisis areas in iraq and srilanka with the workers' samaritan association (ASB). "Something like my first mission abroad in rwanda in 1994, when I was standing there and couldn't help because I wasn't prepared at all, must never happen again, finds the "kalle. That's why he is in charge of the ASB training camp, which will be rehearsing for emergencies this weekend in egloffstein.

"In principle, we simulate a general practitioner's office in a disaster area. The primary aim is to prevent epidemics. The mission rests on four pillars, all of which are equally important, the coach explains. We want to create emergency shelters, ensure food, provide medical assistance and ensure hygiene, especially clean drinking water.

In egloffstein, the helpers have set up a drinking water treatment plant that supplies a thousand people a day with clean water. The fact that each person has a maximum of 15 liters of water per day shows how precious the water is. For food, drink, cooking and washing.


Orga chief: tokyo games not possible in current situation

orga chief: tokyo games not possible in current situation

"If the current situation continues, we can’t do it," yoshiro mori said in an interview with japanese broadcaster nhk, stressing, "i don’t think this situation will last another year."

A key to saving the games, which have been postponed for a year, is a vaccine. "Whether or not the olympics can be held depends on whether humanity can defeat the coronavirus," said the former prime minister of japon. This could be achieved in particular through the development of a vaccine.

OC chief, on the other hand, rejects scenario of staging tokyo games without spectators. "We should not make the spectators endure hard times. Sports events inspire the whole country," said mori in an interview with the japanese news agency kyodo news. The international olympic committee also wanted to avoid summer games behind closed doors, as ioc president thomas bach had recently emphasized.


Yoko ono “deeply touched” by her exhibition

Yoko ono 'deeply touched' by her exhibition

The japanese-american artist yoko ono visited her exhibition "yoko ono – peace is power" at the museum der bildenden kunste in leipzig.

"She was deeply touched by her exhibition," said museum director alfred weidinger after the 86-year-old’s surprise visit on wednesday.

At present, about 70 works and series of works by the conceptual artist can be seen in leipzig on an area of about 3700 square meters.


Auschwitz survivor: “i am one of the last”

Auschwitz survivor: 'i am one of the last'

Toward the end of his year-long ordeal, auschwitz survivor nachum rotenberg weighed only 28 kilograms. But paradoxically, this is what saved his life, says the 91-year-old in his apartment near tel aviv.

"I had a bit of luck," says the woman-haired man with the alert look. In the concentration camp hannover-ahlem, his last station before the liberation in 1945, a cook had been wanted. "All the prisoners shouted "me, me""."So it was decided arbitrarily to take the one who weighed the least. "That was me. The second one they took weighed 29 kilos, but he was even a head rougher than I was."In the kitchen they had to clean huge pots and could at least eat leftovers after constant hunger.

Auschwitz is more emblematic of the horrors of the holocaust than any other place. More than a million people were murdered in the german camp in occupied poland, most of them jews. On 27. In january 1945 soldiers of the red army liberated the camp. With heads of state from all over the world, the holocaust memorial site yad vashem in jerusalem commemorates the 75th anniversary of the holocaust on thursday. Anniversary of the liberation. Guests from more than 40 countries are invited, including german president frank-walter steinmeier.


Kronach frankenwald clinic now only accepts emergency cases

Kronach frankenwald clinic now only accepts emergency cases

The helios-frankenwald hospital now only accepts emergency cases. This message reaches the editorial office on late tuesday afternoon (24).November 2020).

The clinic’s press spokesman, stefan studtrucker, explains: "by order of the district administration, the frankenwaldklinik is currently only accepting emergency and covid patients." Deliveries are also still recorded. Appointment patients and other treatment cases will have to wait accordingly: "patients whose treatment appointments have to be postponed because of this will be contacted by our secretariats." The mabnahme is valid temporarily until 7. December, says the press spokesman.

What are the reasons for this decision?

How it came to this decision of the health office, cannot be said on tuesday evening yet with certainty. The district administration will comment on this on wednesday, explains press spokesman alexander loffler. Also clinic press speaker studtrucker can call in the evening still no exact reason.


Clamps, kulis and cookies

Clamps, kulis and cookies

Gumdrops, pinwheels, flower seeds. The local elections in bamberg are in full swing and the parties are not only advertising their political content. The bamberger was able to get a lot of freebies at the election booths, especially on the weekend. What original gifts do the parties want to entice the citizens with this year?? We have asked the parties and received feedback from most of them. The following is an overview with not entirely serious opinions.

CSU gives away pencils

The CSU has made an effort to run a plastic-free election campaign as far as possible. In addition to brown, logo-free paper bags that the wahler can use for shopping, she also distributes gum bars, fortune cookies or tea bags. In addition, pencils are also brought among the people. Why no pens like other parties also, the question arises there. For the ballot paper the pencil is rather less suitable, or? In the end, the voter comes up with the idea of erasing the cross from the CSU list.

Offer tangerines

The free voters have focused on their political content. But the voter can still pocket one small thing: a tangerine! "Delicious", thinks the health-conscious burger. On the way home, this one is sure to be eaten quickly. "Oh, who was the tangerine from again?? Not important, it tasted good in any case."

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