Afd-eklat: politicians who have taken leave of their senses

Afd-eklat: Politicians who have taken leave of their senses

His book on decency in difficult times came at the right time. A bestseller, not by chance. Of course, axel hacke is not only concerned with exposing indecent behavior in politics. But also, left and right.

Haven’t we long since become a society in which – taking into account the fact that each age defines its own concept of decency – basic values such as proper behavior have long since gone by the wayside?? It’s bad enough that this very question comes up again and again. Especially, as now again, with the afd.

Now the lamenting may begin – about exclusion and prejudice. Always with the aim of somehow turning the offenders into victims after all. Especially in the social media. Just there, where a number of commentators seem to have long since abandoned not only all sense of decency, but also all good spirits. So let’s take a closer look at what it means: decency is more than just respect – although even that was enough for an elected representative of the people to put up with critical remarks about the politics of his own party. Decency also means sensitivity, correctness, maybe even humanity. All of which are qualities that we should demand of our politicians in particular.


“You have no chance. Use her!”

The media interest is great, and so is that of the guests: the two SPD district chairmen stefan sauerteig (coburg city association) and carsten hollen (district SPD) registered over 70 registrations in advance, and television crews had also announced their intention to attend. Simone lange, the woman who wants to replace andrea nahles as chairwoman of the SPD, makes her only appearance in bavaria this friday evening, at the gasthof sauerteig in rodental.
On sunday, the party congress will take place in wiesbaden, where – if the party board has its way – andrea nahles will be elected SPD chairwoman. Simone lange declared her candidacy in february out of protest, as she recounted in her one-hour speech: because nahles, not yet a member of the party executive committee, was to become acting chairwoman at that time, even though that is not possible under the party statutes. "If we don’t take our statutes seriously, how can others take us seriously??" Simone lange asks the attentive and mumbling audience in the packed hall.
An alternative to andrea nahles – that’s also what michael busch wants. "I don’t want a ‘pippi-longstocking-on-her-face’ chairwoman – and neither do many other members", says the district administrator and state parliament candidate. Of course it’s normal for the incumbent board to propose a candidate, busch stresses. But internal party democracy includes the possibility of an opposing candidacy, and he is glad that simone lange is taking on this undertaking. "Ware i was 15 years young, i had organized myself what simone lange is doing now." So he just directed them to upper franconia, got the last possible appointment. Still in the late evening, simone lange continues her journey from rodental to frankfurt.
"When I’m national chairwoman", this sentence comes up several times when she talks about the need for the SPD to renew itself, to find a program again that will convince voters. In dark blue pantsuit and white sneakers, she speaks freely and with concentration. Her theme is the party, which needs to regain credibility. 18 percent of the vote is not a good perspective, and simone lange, a police officer for 15 years, diagnoses fear in her party of further slippage.
She wants to fight this fear, she says. Members should not only be consulted on the rough coalition and all other possible questions, but also on the question of who should take over the chairmanship, she demands and earns loud applause. The party members had to "define goals," says. "Time for justice, the slogan with which the SPD entered the 2017 election campaign with martin schulz "is not a goal, but a state that I can achieve if I define and implement the right goals!" She received more than 50 requests for appearances after her candidacy, 20 of which she accepted, she said. For them, it’s tests whether they meet the mood in the party.
Apparently already. "You are the personified hope bearer", says michael busch after her speech. The votes of the upper franconian guests who came to the sauerteig inn on that friday evening were probably secure. But of the listeners, only three were delegated to the party conference: the two district chairmen carsten hollein and stefan sauerteig, and jonas merzbacher, mayor of gundelsheim in the district of bamberg. He declares even before the evening begins that he will vote for simone lange, stefan sauerteig and carsten hollein do so afterwards.
She had the support of her base: "you are the better solution for a renewal of the SPD, says gerhard leerfeld, longtime party member and chairman in untersiemau. Michael busch recalls his own first county council campaign: "you don’t stand a chance. Use it."


After eugh ruling: altmaier does not want to go back to the time clock

After eugh ruling: altmaier does not want to go back to the time clock

Following the european ruling on the recording of working hours, german economics minister peter altmaier sees no need for action in germany for the time being. The CDU politician warned against additional bureaucracy for employers and employees.

"The ruling points in the wrong direction," altmaier said in berlin on tuesday. "It is the wrong way to reintroduce the time clock everywhere."According to the current legal situation, there is already a comprehensive documentation system in germany that can be used to measure daily working hours. Criticism from the SPD.

Altmaier said the economics ministry would closely examine the ruling of the european court of justice (eugh) and commission a legal opinion to determine whether there was any need for action at all. "We want to and must protect the interests of employees, but we must not create an excessive bureaucracy."


Result of the hammelburg referendum causes confusion

Both sides are surprised: the last days before the referendum on sunday, she had doubts whether the citizens’ initiative could prevail, says her representative elfriede dickert. Even the majority of the city council members who supported the burgerhaus plan did not expect the result to be like this.

The representatives of the burgerinitiative are happy that they were successful and that the voters rejected the burgerhaus plan. Those who have campaigned for the city’s plan, on the other hand, are talking about disenchantment and frustration. "We don’t know how to deal with the result", says a city councilor. The decision was not only very close, with 169 votes in favor of the citizens’ initiative. The outcome of the vote also raises a number of questions in terms of content.

With their decision in favor of the citizens’ initiative, the electors spoke out in favor of the city council’s decisions being rescinded "with the aim that a more cost-efficient citizens’ house be built on the same site". The initiative’s question was therefore aimed at the costs alone.


Warnings for hidden electricity price increases

warnings for hidden electricity price increases

Among them are two discounters that aggressively advertise cheap prices on comparison portals and then increase them as unnoticed as possible.

If the providers who have been warned remain intransigent, they will be sued, the consumer advice center announced, referring to a ruling by the dusseldorf higher regional court. The court had already criticized such an opaque e-mail from an energy provider in 2016 and declared its price increase invalid.

The actual purpose of the letters to customers, namely to inform them about price increases, was so cleverly hidden that many people perceived the letters as advertising and did not read them. In this way, customers are prevented from exercising their special right of cancellation.


Mary’s group hangs again on the courtyard pharmacy

mary's group hangs again on the courtyard pharmacy

The trinity group is again hung on the corner of the courtyard pharmacy. It was missing for about two years, because after a stucco had fallen down, it had to be renovated.

Now the house figure group that most dominates the cityscape of bamberger shines again in its old glory, in its old place in karolinenstrabe, at the stairway to the imperial cathedral. The hof-apotheke is one of the oldest pharmacies in germany, documented in 1437.

In the middle of the 18. The rococo sculpture attributed to georg reub was installed at the end of the nineteenth century. Above are three older coats of arms from the late 16. Century. The interior of the building still has the ornamental stucco of a material chamber from 1772 in rococo style. All this can be read in the publication "580 years of the hof pharmacy in bamberg. A small chronicle", which is available in the pharmacy for a nominal fee of three euro; furthermore in "the art monuments of bavaria, city of bamberg, burgherliche bergstadt" (in german), by tilmann breuer and reinhard gutbier, published 1997.


Experts: many fubamputations with diabetes avoidable

experts: many fubamputations with diabetes avoidable

Many of the approximately 50.000 fubamputations due to diabetes in germany were avoidable, according to medical experts.

The risk of amputation can be reduced from ten to three percent through regular checks, a close-meshed therapy network and, above all, good cooperation between several experts in the hospital, said ralf lobmann from stuttgart hospital and member of the board of the german diabetes society (DDG).

To the experts he paid diabetologists, surgeons, wound nurses and orthopadie shoe technicians. Among other things, nerves in the fists are damaged by the so-called sugar disease. Because the victims are not in pain, they often recognize injuries too late and an infection or blood poisoning can occur. In the worst case, affected limbs must be removed.


The only thing missing from the town hall gable is a coat of paint

the only thing missing from the town hall gable is a coat of paint

Mayor ingrid reifenscheid-eckert (wgwillanzheim) reported at the castle meeting how a repair of the leaking half-timbered gable, which had been budgeted at around 5,000 euros, quickly resulted in a new construction of the cornice. The mayor announced that only the final coat of paint is missing at the moment. Once this work is completed, the debris can be removed.
The three-member municipality will again invest heavily in the coming year. The SV huttenheim has to renew the roof of the clubhouse and will receive a grant of 15,000 euros for it. The renovation of the mortuary at 10,000 euros and the construction of a parking lot at 50,000 euros are the rough anticipated expenditures.
The market community is currently waiting for a new decision from the neighboring community of seinsheim in order to complete the jointly envisaged dream tour around the tannenberg and the bullenheimer berg to be able to realize the project. The proposal did not find a majority in the market town of seinsheim at the first attempt.
The municipality also has to invest in the tannenberg, because the tannenberg cross, which is visible from afar, is rotten as well as showing signs of weathering and has to be replaced. A cost estimate of over 2000 euros has already been submitted.
Meanwhile, the municipality also has to take care of the network of paths and ditches on the tannenberg, because the water drainages along the paths are repeatedly clogged with washed-out soil.

Minimizing electricity consumption
In the past year, the market community has invested in its clear systems in all three villages and set up photovoltaic systems mainly for self-supply. Since the air conditioning systems run day and night, the electricity consumption has a huge impact on the annual bill. The three photovoltaic systems (willanzheim 50.5 kwp, markt herrnsheim 17.6 kwp and huttenheim 50.5 kwp) should now significantly minimize electricity consumption; energy not consumed will be fed into the grid.
The citizens of huttenheim were astonished to learn that a new building project was planned in the neighboring market town of herrnsheim, and in the area of the orchard path. In the other two districts of willanzheim and huttenheim, building sites are still available, complained burghers.
Mayor reifenscheid-eckert made it clear that the approximately 5,000-square-meter site in question had already been designated in the land-use plan as land intended for construction, so there was no change in this respect. However, according to the head of the town hall, nothing can be done with a square meter price of 50 euros. In addition, the market municipality will be subject to numerous conditions in the approval process in order to protect the orchard. In order not to senselessly develop building land, the interest of those willing to build is to be clarified first, and they are to be bound to the project with preliminary contracts and down payments.
If there is no concrete demand, there will be no development. "We have received a number of inquiries from young herrnsheimers", assured reifenscheid-eckert. The municipality decided to take this step because there are still building sites in markt herrnsheim, but they are all in private hands.


Tauber: are obliged to take in threatened afghans

Tauber: are obliged to take in threatened afghans

The cdu is clearly committed to "helping civilian employees who supported us in afghanistan and their families," cdu secretary general peter tauber told the german press agency in berlin. "If they are in danger because of the withdrawal of the german armed forces, they should be offered a place in germany. For us it is quite clear that we have an obligation here."

A year ago, an ex-member of the bundeswehr, who was considered a "latent danger," was murdered in kunduz. After months, the translator was promised admission to germany, which he then did not live to see. At the time, the human rights organization pro asyl demanded that threatened afghan local forces be allowed to leave the country quickly.

The nato mission isaf, which included fighting the radical islamic taliban, officially ends after 13 years on 31. December. At times there were more than 5000 german soldiers in action. The german armed forces are taking part in a training mission with up to 850 soldiers.


Fire in steinach: rescue workers were able to prevent “worse” from happening

Fire in steinach: rescue workers were able to prevent 'worse' from happening

On monday evening, a fire broke out in the oldest part of the "hein gmbh&" building co. KG" to a fire. According to the initial findings of the criminal police fire investigators, a technical defect in a false floor of the building was probably the cause of the fire. According to treasures, the damage caused amounts to around 500.000 euros.

It was a long night for the commander of the hof an der steinach volunteer fire department, michael renner. Only in the early morning hours of tuesday he left his place of action. Fortunately, no people were injured in the fire, but there was a lot of damage to the inventory, he says.

Fire source difficult to reach

The fire department had difficulty reaching the source of the fire, is how renner describes the operation at the building materials trade’s office building. In this context he speaks of fire protection panels on the ceiling and of a tin roof on which a photovoltaic system is mounted. The source of the fire was therefore difficult to reach. His colleagues had to remove the boards from below in order to be able to fight the fire. Unfortunately, it was not possible to prevent the fire from spreading to the adjacent warehouse, where stacks of paper and insulating materials were stored.

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