Fubball-em 2020: munich enters the race for germany

Fubball-em 2020: munich enters the race for germany

The bavarian state capital is to be the german venue for the 2020 european soccer championships. The DFB presidium decided on friday for munich and against competitor berlin. "It was not an easy decision for us, because we had two strong contenders in munich and berlin, who have already proven several times that they can handle such major events. We are sure that, as a venue, we have a very good chance of obtaining a EURO 2020 package from UEFA.", said DFB president wolfgang niersbach.

In seven years, the european championships will be held for the first time not just in one country or two countries, but in 13 cities spread across the continent. Final selection of these 13 stadiums in september 2014.

Tight selection in september 2014
Like all other associations, the german soccer federation is only allowed to apply for two packages: either the two semifinals and the final are to take place in munich – or the three preliminary round matches of the german team plus an eighth or quarter final.


Storm departure meets deb:upswing at the end? Who follows?

storm departure meets deb:upswing at the end? Who follows?

The german ice hockey association (DEB) is facing perhaps the most important germany cup ever. For the first time, the fuss was allowed to become more important than the games in the traditional four-nation tournament itself.

After the surprising departure, at least in terms of timing, of national coach marco sturm to north america, elementary matters are to be discussed this weekend in krefeld. "This weekend we will discuss our future," DEB president franz reindl told the german press agency dpa. It’s all about strategy in the search for a successor for sturm.

You could also say that the future of the upswing in german ice hockey depends on the languages used. Whether reindl can continue to pursue his ambitious goal of competing sustainably for medals in major tournaments by 2026. Since sunday evening, there are again more serious doubts about it. "The recovery is in danger," former national team captain alois schloder told dpa.


When the handicap is not a handicap

When the handicap is not a handicap

To bring the martial artists together as a big family, that is the ambitious goal of chief organizer yves engel at the martial arts open in the bad kissinger bayernhalle on saturday, 23. Marz. The organizational effort is immense, because it is actually five events. The bad kissingen martial arts open is for the general public. All not so experienced fighters show their skills at the newcomer tournament, at the german championship of the WKF (world kickboxing federation) it is about the tickets for the european championships in lviv (lemberg) in the ukraine. In addition, for the first time in the framework of a rough championship there will be competitions for people with disabilities and at the end there will be an evening gala with professional fights in the high ring.
The participation of athletes with disabilities in particular proves that inclusion and "extended family" are not mutually exclusive are no empty phrases. For WKF vice president hort M. Kohl has been a heartfelt supporter of the sport since he was 50 years old. Has to fight with a handicap since the age of 18. "We currently offer three handicap sports, these are self-defense, blowpipe sports and slow-motion-arts", kohl reports on the slow opening of martial arts clubs for handicapped people. As a result, more and more people with disabilities are becoming interested in sports that they didn't dare try years ago. "But we want to achieve even more and help the participants to cope with their life situation in an eventful way. Successful performance in the sporting community strengthens the feeling of self-worth", female kohl.

Positive example leo krebs
But the road ahead is a rocky one. Disabled people who make contact are usually very reserved, a relationship of trust must first be built up. This requires intuition and dexterity on the part of the instructors. Successful experiences show that the effort is worthwhile. There is for example leo krebs from kleinlangheim, who has been training with horst kohl since 1995. As a child, he suffered a brain hemorrhage after falling on the bed box, resulting in a hemiplegia. In the meantime, the range of motion of the arms and legs has been significantly improved through intensive training. "Leo keeps his balance in the one-leg stand, manages the cross step over a rope and can climb over obstacles", kohl can report on successes. Exercises to improve reaction kohl took from martial arts, such as pendulum ball and dodging techniques against punches. Kohl proves that self-defense makes sense for people with disabilities by collecting police reports. In his group, which consists of four to six people, he works out an individual program for each person. In self-defense, students learn how to defend themselves against grabbing, jostling or verbal abuse. At the end of each hour there are exercises from the slow-motion-arts, a taijiquan-like movement theory.
Kohl hopes that events like the one in bad kissingen will create a more positive image of martial arts. The image of the "schlager sport argues him, because there are strict rules. "Respect and fair play are as much a part of our etiquette as they are in other sports." Kohl sees the event in bad kissingen as an advertisement for more cooperation. "The so-called strong and healthy athletes perform together with handicapped people in a sports hall. For us fighters there is only one "WE", kohl lies on a wavelength with yves engel.
The martial arts school engel of the SV garitz has done everything to make the competitions in the bayernhalle a great success. Since half a year yves engel is busy with the preparation in uncountable hours. "I have announced 100 traditional competitions (forms, breaking, self-defense, blowpipe pushing) and 200 fighting disciplines (light contact, semi-contact, full contact, sanda, MMA, thaiboxing). We take care of the entry lists, the procedures and the planning", engel speaks of a rough challenge. Out of 1000 trophies he has built 500 out of wood himself and assembled 500 column trophies. About 1000 starts are expected. Registrations have been received not only from germany but also from austria, switzerland, france, the netherlands and the usa. The level ranges from beginner to top athlete, including several world champions.
From the district, besides the karate school of andreas haberzettl, which participates in the form running, the aschach kickboxers have announced themselves in the light contact. The all combat and taekwondo schools from garitz and hausen compete in all traditional classes as well as in light contact, semi contact and sanda. Athletes from TSV bad kissingen compete in sambo combat.
A total of 30 athletes from the host club SV garitz will take part in the event. Four of them, 16-year-old yvonne engel, 11-year-old yuli-lee engel, desiree pahl (9 years old) and erik lulf (10 years old), will compete in the german championships, where they must finish first or second to qualify for the european championships.


“You can’t please everyone anyway”

The announcement of the intention to sell the shares in the bamberger basketball gmbh was quickly followed by a turnaround. As reported, the coburg-based automotive supplier brose continues to steer the fortunes of nine-time german champion brose bamberg. What are the reasons for the rethink? Michael stoschek, chairman of the shareholders” meeting of the brose group of companies and at the same time chairman of the supervisory board of the basketball bundesliga club from bamberg, answered our interview questions in writing.

Why does brose still remain the majority shareholder??

Michael stoschek: without a shareholder role we had no more influence on the decisions concerning the organization and the sporting goals despite our rough financial commitment. In the sense of bamberger basketball i have stopped our complete exit then.


The new trend sport

In fact, it is also a question of completing a certain distance. But not for nothing a new word was introduced for this actual sport. It is mainly about artful, smooth movements when overcoming obstacles. Originally, natural obstacles were meant here, as well as the art of moving through a natural landscape, which is called methode naturelle. David belle, the founder of parkouring, learned this playful and easy way of moving from his father and transferred the model to the urban environment of the parisian suburb of lisses, which was dominated by steel and concrete buildings, at the end of the 1980s.

Children’s playground grobstadt

The chases of the children went over paper baskets, ping pong tables and small streams and when the children became teenagers, more difficult obstacles such as walls, fences or even building stumps were increasingly included. Later also building facades and skyscrapers: le parkour was born. Today, there are various initiatives around the world that are based on this movement and are organized in different ways. Competitions are held, but the founder david belle distanced himself from the parkour worldwide association already in 2006, mainly because the idea of competition does not correspond to the original sport with its philosophical foundations. A little bit you can compare parkour with acrobatics. The acrobat, however, wants to impress his audience with a show, the traceur, as the athlete of parkour is called, should move smoothly and as fast as possible from a starting point A to a self-selected target B, while he has to overcome certain obstacles, which he must not change. However, he does not do it to impress others, which of course happens quickly when someone really elegantly flies over a two-meter-high board fence… Spectacular film and television reports have made the sport known, but ultimately contradict the philosophy that here a sport is practiced for its own sake and with the goal of doing something for oneself and one’s health.


Minigolf makes maximum fun

Miniature golf is a popular and entertaining pastime for young and old alike, which is at the same time entertaining, but also has a certain competitive character. So it’s no wonder that 13 young people came to the mini-golf taster course at the lichtenfels course in the old coburger strabe as part of the summer vacation program organized by the district’s municipal youth work department.

The ball lands in the bush

Divided into two groups, the students first learned the basics of the game from the group leaders, and then got started with enthusiasm. Since some of the young people were still inexperienced, the ball was often hit over, the small colorful ball was not hit correctly or the game device even landed in a bush, so that the whole group had to go in search of the ball. Soon, most of them were doing quite well, after all, no master has ever fallen from the sky. Applause erupted when leon sommer from doringstadt drove the ball into the small hole on lane 13 with a single stroke.
You could tell he already had a little practice. "I have already played several times in burgkunstadt and here on this course, because I enjoy playing minigolf", emphasized the 14-year-old student of the meranier high school, whose favorite sport is soccer, after all, he chases the round leather in the C-youth of TSV staffelstein.
The same feat was also achieved by jannik reitwiebner, who mastered hole 18 in one stroke and also achieved good results in other respects, although he had only played minigolf once before. Nine-year-old mistelfelder is also quite active in other areas. "I play basketball with the youth team of TSV staffelstein and am a member of the children’s fire department mistelfeld", he explained.

Two girls at the start

Considering the fact that eleven-year-old arthur from ebensfeld was playing miniature golf for the first time, the budding high school student did very well and achieved remarkable results on most of the holes. Only two girls were among the 13 participants. Eight-year-old katharina weis from serkendorf, who only recently had the pleasure of learning the secrets of chess at an introductory course with her sister, wanted to get to know the game of miniature golf this time, as did ten-year-old lena schutz from lichtenfels.

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