Travel warning extended after legionella found in warstein

Travel warning extended after legionella found in warstein

After the discovery of legionella in the warsteiner brewery, the fight against the dangerous pathogens is stepped up once again. It is still unclear how the bacteria got into the wastewater of the brewery. The only thing that is certain is that the beer is not affected. The crisis staff of the district meanwhile continues to maintain the travel warning for warstein.

The main focus now is on finding out where the legionella wave actually started in the sauerland town of warstein. "The warsteiner brewery is not the causal source for us at the moment," said the spokesman for the north rhine-westphalian environment ministry, frank seidlitz, on thursday.

165 people have been treated for legionella since the beginning of august. Legionella infections confirmed as cause of two deaths. They had inhaled the pathogens.


Funke’s fourth “reckless” volume – tales for adults

Funke's fourth 'reckless' volume - tales for adults

When cornelia funke wrote the first volume of the fantasy series "reckless" more than ten years ago, the german writer already knew that this book series would be a world tour in the footsteps of marchen.

Now funke has sent the heroes of this story – the brothers jacob and will reckless – to a new land with the fourth volume now published. In "reckless – auf silberner fahrte" the two are drawn to japan.

"I came to russia, kazakhstan and mongolia with the third part, and so i naturally had to travel to asia," says funke to the german press agency in hamburg. India was an idea. "But because japan is also called the island of the foxes, this destination was a natural choice for my fox heroine."Fuchs is a shapeshifter, jacob’s girlfriend and has long since become the secret main character of the series.


Adrian persch: 300 kilometers for the wolves

When the EC bad kissingen (3./23) will not meet until this weekend (friday, 19.30 o’clock) and finally at home (sunday, 6 o’clock) to the EV moosburg (8./9), it’s all still at stake for the wolves – namely promotion to the bavarian league. Only the first three in the interlocking round are promoted. Relegation from the bavarian league, on the other hand, is already sealed for EV moosburg. The team around coach bernhard englbrecht broke a negative series during the dovetailing round the neck: six defeats in succession love moosburg on the last place slip off. A series of five defeats in the preliminary round had already put the EV at the bottom of the bavarian league with a total of only seven wins and 19 losses. In the meantime, moosburg had agreed "by mutual consent" separated from trainer dimitri startschew. Former landshut national goalkeeper bernhard englbrecht took over the post. "The fact that moosburg is last doesn’t mean a thing", says wolfe chairman michael rosin. "They didn’t play in the bavarian league for nothing."

From passau to nurnberg

Adrian persch also sees it that way. The 24-year-old forward of the kissinger wolfe warns not to underestimate the opponent. "Everyone who comes from the bayernliga can play ice hockey. It will certainly not be easy", he says. But he is sure: "if everyone delivers his performance, nothing more could go wrong." Since this season the passau native plays for the wolves. "I got into field hockey through my older brother and the nearby ice rink in passau," says persch, says persch. "I have liked ice hockey from the beginning." From passau he came through his school to nurnberg to the young ice tigers. He found a job in the public service of the city of nurnberg and has been living there ever since. How did he come to the kissinger wolfen??

"I had to take almost two years off due to injury. Before that i was in habfurt and had heard about bad kissingen. I offered myself there and trained with them." Player-coach mikhail nemirovsky was happy with the 24-year-old, and so adrian persch has been playing and coaching with the wolfen since this season. He still lives in nurnberg, has a commute of 150 kilometers – and drives 150 kilometers home after every training session and home game. A great burden for him? " At the times of the day I go, it is relaxed. But in the long run, coming home late naturally gets to you", says persch, who starts work at 7 a.M. In the morning. But he is happy to do it for the sport of field hockey and the team: "it’s been a great six months, i’ve met new people and we have a great team." And a little craziness is part of being an ice hockey player, as persch says.

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