Domestic tourism also in the red in july

Domestic tourism also in the red in july

Hoteliers and co. Despite the summer vacations and the trend towards vacations in one’s own country, business in july was worse than in the previous year.

A total of 45.4 million overnight stays were paid for by guests from germany and abroad, as the federal statistical office announced in wiesbaden on thursday. That was a drop of 22.8 percent compared to the same month last year. Foreign travelers in particular are missing in the corona crisis, and city tourism is having a particularly hard time of it.

Since the middle of march, a ban on overnight stays for private guests has been in effect due to the pandemic. The ban has been lifted since may, depending on the federal state. "After the lockdown in spring and the slow restart in may and june, parts of the tourism industry were able to breathe a little easier in july and august," said norbert kunz, managing director of the german tourism association (dtv). But it is already clear that "the losses from the lockdown cannot be made up this year, and the new figures after the restart show that we are still a long way from regaining our old successes."


Three want to sit in kuhn’s chair

Three want to sit in kuhn's chair

Reinhold kuhn's tenure as 1. Burgermeister of dettelbach ends on 11. October of this year. He puts the documents of the next meeting on the council table and sits down on his chair, whose back is higher than that of all the other chairs. He has been doing this for 30 years. That's exactly how long kuhn has been the head of what is now 90 to 100 city employees. There was a lot of talk, a lot of desk work.
Reinhold kuhn has mixed feelings about the thought that he will soon no longer be mayor. "On the one hand", he says "i am happy to be able to give up responsibility and soon have more time for the family and more free time, but on the other hand i will miss something."
Kuhn steps down for mayoral election on 23 october for age reasons. September no longer. In 2011 he celebrated his 65th birthday. Birthday. He has been in office since 1982, making him the longest-serving mayor in the district of kitzingen. Three people are now running for his office. As early as march 2011, the architect christine konrad, the parliamentary group leader of the free voters (), announced her candidacy for the mayor's office. In november 2011, the CSU followed suit and nominated construction manager michael schuba, chairman of the CSU parliamentary group, as a candidate. Recently, master precision engineer norbert schneider of the independent christian voters (UCW) decided to run as kuhn's successor.
In 2003 schneider moved from wurzburg to effeldorf. In the 2008 municipal elections, the father of five children, who works in a research workshop at the university of wurzburg, ran for a seat on the city council on the UCW list. He became effeldorf's local spokesman. In his home town, he is 1. Chairman of the horticultural and local preservation society and active member of the fire department. Schneider is also 2. Chairman of the "association for the preservation of the main franconian cultural landscape. The 54-year-old says he has always been interested in politics, but has not had much time for it because of his large family. But now he wants a say at the council table, preferably at the top.
He has experienced the mayor's style of leadership in non-public meetings. Kuhn sets the direction very precisely, says schneider. He does not like this authoritarian style, he will do it differently as head of the town hall.
With three candidates, the people of dettelbach voted on 23. September now really a choice. It's going to be exciting compared to the ballots in the past. Because no opposing candidate stood against reinhold kuhn in the 1988, 1994, 2000 and 2006 elections. At 30 percent, the turnout in each of these elections was in the basement.
Schneider says he not only wants to run for mayor, but also wants to offer the people of burgundy a real choice. He wants to counter the trend toward political disenchantment with open and transparent action. In dettelbach, too, politicians had moved too far away from the burghers, he says. "Have a look at the city council!", he calls for. "It meets upstairs on the second floor, accessible only via many stairs, sitting close together at a table from the middle ages."

A lot is happening

Since schneider's candidacy became public last week, there has been some movement in the candidate discussion. CSU man schuba believes he still has a good chance of winning the mayor's seat because of his competence. "I have been on the city council for ten years. The political work in its broad spectrum is familiar to me now already in the second period", says schuba.
There is still a good six months to go before the dettelbach mayoral election. Norbert schneider has yet to be officially nominated, and the SPD executive committee is still deciding whether to send the fourth candidate into the race. "We're still leaving the decision open, says local association chairman michael langer.
The members of the fifth faction in the city council, the mainsondheimer list, gathered over the weekend. Helmut kapp and hermann pfannes, the two city council members on the mainsondheim list, signaled their intention to support christine konrad, the candidate of the free voters.
The latter is very cautious, but admits that she was surprised by schneider's advance. No one in the free-choice party seems to have expected that a candidate could come from the ranks of the UCW, since there used to be good cooperation between the two factions. The -candidate carefully weeds out her words before saying schneider's bid for mayor will have no impact on city council work. "We don't want to give up a sensible city council policy for the sake of the election campaign", says christine konrad.
This is also in kuhn's interest. He is certainly in favor of an election campaign. But it should be a fair one. For his remaining city council meetings he wishes: "the objective way of working should be maintained until october."


Geiselwind redevelopment case

geiselwind redevelopment case

Volker witzleben, who has been a firefighter at TSV geiselwind since last fall, has some of the prerequisites for a job as a soccer coach. Witzleben spent fourteen years at the top level with DJK schweinfurt, which was then in the national league. At the end of his playing days, he settled in geiselwind, where he enjoyed the end of his playing career. In his day-to-day work as a consultant, he conveys strategies to companies and their employees on how they can generate more success. For a football coach ideal conditions – one would think.

In addition, witzleben moved back to geiselwind last year after eight years abroad. In the fall, when TSV was in rock bottom and slipping to the last place in the table, the coach at the time, jochen limmer, had to leave. Geiselwind’s managers knocked on witzleben’s door to ask if he would help out as a trainer. "It was a matter of the heart for me, because the club and the players are worth it. As a former geiselwinder, i couldn’t say no," he said in response to a request that came as a surprise to him.

From then on, things went according to one of the guiding principles that can be found on the homepage of consultant volker witzleben. "No more complaining. It’s time to make the right decisions."Apparently, the new coach has drawn the right conclusions, because until the winter break geiselwind was able to record first successes with seven points from four games. The trend continued, 21 points from eleven games, that sounds good. Only on the easter double matchday a 0:1 home defeat followed against schwebheim.

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