“Caterpillar” rubs loose at fair: seven injured

Two women, aged 47 and 52, were seriously injured, suffering bruises, abrasions and broken bones, and had to be hospitalized, according to the police. Five other fairgoers who had been standing near the carousel suffered minor injuries or shocks.

Experts from a materials testing institute in dortmund searched for the cause on wednesday. The public prosecutor’s office hagen blocked the fahrgeschaft. The maintenance book was also seized, said prosecutor wolfgang rahmer. The folk festival would have been over on tuesday anyway after a fireworks display. On wednesday there was dismantling.

The accident happened just before the closing fireworks at around 22.45 o’clock on tuesday evening. The car on the schlagerexpress "insider" got loose, crashed into another car, spun around and then drove on a little bit upside down, the police spokesman said. The women in the car were not ejected because they were secured in their seats with metal balls. Finally the operator brought the carousel to a halt. At the time of the accident, several thousand visitors were still at the festival, said police spokesman dietmar trust.


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