City of jilin sealed off: new corona outbreak in china

city of jilin sealed off: new corona outbreak in china

At the end of 2019, the coronavirus appeared for the first time. Wuhan was the epicenter and also the first city in the world to be completely sealed off because of corona. On 23. On january, the wuhan authorities had placed all the city’s residents under quarantine. From 80.000 fall in china, occurred 50.000 in wuhan on.

On 19. Marz for the first time, no new corona infected people were reported in wuhan. After a period without infections, new cases have appeared again in china.

Epicenter wuhan: eleven million residents to be tested, million-strong city of jilin partially sealed off

The chinese city of jilin, with its millions of inhabitants, has also reported two dozen new corona infections in the last few days, according to the tagesschau news program. China has now sealed off parts of jilin. The state news agency xinhua reports that it has stopped train and bus services following the local outbreak of the corona virus.

Those who want to leave the city must have tested negative for corona and go to quarantines. "The current situation is quite complex and serious, and there is a huge risk that the virus will continue to spread," the city authorities said, city authorities explain the renewed strict mabtakes.

Six new infections detected in a residential area in wuhan earlier this week. Now, according to the tagesschau all eleven million wuhan residents to be tested for covid-19 within 10 days.

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