Congratulations on 90. Erich heb celebrates his birthday

Congratulations on 90. erich heb celebrates his birthday

Is it the regular enjoyment of tea, or the loving wife at his side?? But it could also be the genes that kept the long-serving habfurt local politician erich heb mentally and physically fit into old age. On friday he celebrated his 90th birthday with his family and friends. Birthday.

Many former departures congratulated on the honorary day, including district administrator wilhelm schneider and habfurt’s mayor gunther werner, who praised the political work of the jubilarian.

Many milestones in the career

Erich heb saw the light of day on 31. January 1930 in the romershofen district of konigsberg, the light of the world. After attending elementary school, he transferred to what was then the upper secondary school in habfurt, where he obtained his high school diploma in 1950. "Heb’s economic times were not exactly rosy", the jubilarian remembers the end of the second world war.

So the young man decided to go to the ruhr area in dortmund together with two classmates. There he worked underground for a year as a miner in the zollern II colliery. After that he returned to his home country of france.

After the jubilarian had enrolled for two semesters at the university of wurzburg to study law and had exhausted his savings, he took up a career in the upper echelons of the german postal service. After a three-year apprenticeship in all areas of the post office, he first worked at the post office counter in habfurt.

At that time the post office habfurt was responsible for the administration of the town far beyond the county borders. In 1972, erich heb was elected chairman of the postal union for the entire franken region. In nurnberg, he served until retirement.

Many years in politics

Erich heb was involved in local politics in the district not only as a district councilor, where he exercised a great deal of influence for 36 years, 25 of them as SPD parliamentary group chairman.

The social democrat was politically active in the habfurt city council for 40 years from 1960 to 2000, including three periods as third mayor.

Many years of commitment were honored with the bronze and silver medal of municipal merit.The 90-year-old received the federal cross of merit for his full-time union work.

Admired and "sometimes a bit furrowed" heb was praised by the district council and the district administration for his brilliant preparation for the meetings, as the then group chairman bernhard rub and the deputy district administrator gunter lipp said at his farewell in 2003. "People listened to him because he always had something to say and because his word carried weight in this body", rub said at the time.

Erich heb, as rub continued, had put himself at the service of the SPD faction and party in march 1990, when he agreed to run for the office of district administrator, even though he himself thought that a younger party member should have done so. His motto during the election campaign has been characteristic of his entire political life: "knowledgeable – fair – close to the people".

In addition to his many-sided commitment, his wife marianne always had his back. He has been married to her since 1954 and celebrated his iron wedding anniversary last year. He is also the father of a son and a daughter and the grandfather of five grandchildren.

The jubilarian has been playing his weekly game of schafkopf for many years. He takes his time on his terrace, which obviously serves as his elixir of life when the first rays of sunshine come in.

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