Csu frauendorf thanks its loyal members

Csu frauendorf thanks its loyal members

The local CSU association of frauendorf-lautergrund had invited to a political "fruhschoppen" with honors for long-serving members following the patron saint service, which was conducted by pastor a.D. Hans hubner celebrated.
Chairman tobias dusold was pleased about the great response and the many members who came to be honored.
Emmi zeulner buried her guests from the palatinate and encouraged them with a wink that they too would soon be able to join the CDU. In her speech, zeulner addressed the issue of refugees, among other things, and made it clear that the CSU does not want to close the borders between the two countries "but we want to know who is entering our country, and criminals should be deported more quickly".
A rough construction site that works is the ICE line, which can be used again as of this month. Looking at mayor jurgen kohmann, she said she hoped the staffelstein train station would be barrier-free by the time he got to an age when he needed it to be.
Jurgen baumgartner (mdl) buried "franz josef straub vom lautergrund" in particular, oswald krappmann, and was pleased about the healthy return of the local chairman tobias dusold from afghanistan. "We promised that there would be no power lines in our area, and we have kept our promise. That is the CSU", declared jurgen baumgartner.
He thanked the helpers and organizations that went to the limits of what was reasonable and without which the mammoth task of caring for the flood of refugees could not have been accomplished. He warned: "we won't be able to do it a second time." Local chairman tobias dusold, his deputy wolfgang herold and the two guest speakers emmi zeulner and jurgen baumgartner honored long-serving members of the local association.
Honored were helmuth gack and elfriede huber for 15 years, helmut wagner and richard krappmann for 20 years, rainer krappmann, richard senger, anna maria krappmann, johann schaller, andreas dinkel, georg heidenreich and georg weidner for 25 years, and hans fischer for 45 years. Lorenz senger, who was absent for health reasons, has been a member of the local CSU association for 70 years. 


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