Cultivating tradition is once again on the back burner

Cultivating tradition is once again on the back burner

Due to the corona pandemic, stockheim's popular miners' tradition is once again on a dip. Miners' christmas, christmas market, barbara celebrations with a layer of meat and the miners' band's christmas concert fall victim to covid-19. Especially the rough mountain parade used to attract a lot of guests. Only on saturday, 4. December, takes place at 5 pm in the house of god st. Wolfgang with pastor hans-michael dinkel a service for the deceased miners takes place. The singers of the folkstrachtenverein "zechgemeinschaft" neukenroth will provide the vocal accompaniment. The obligation to wear a mask still applies.

Chairman heiko eisenbeib regrets the standstill. Finally one had acquired uniforms for new active members in the past year, which were privately financed. In this respect, the miners' association of stockheim and the surrounding area is well positioned, eisenbeib emphasized.

Although the last coal mine "st. The "katharina" mine was closed forever in 1968, the mining heritage in the community of stockheim and also in the district of kronach is still considered to be of great importance. The local coal mines in stockheim, reitsch and in the neighboring neuhaus have had a decisive influence on the region and have contributed significantly to its industrial development. From 1935 to 1968, about 1500 miners worked in the stockheim mine. In the meantime, the ruhr region, with its 173 mines, has also reached the end of the line.

For the past twelve years, the people of stockheim have maintained intensive contacts with the former miners in recklinghausen. They have actively supported the museum facility in stockheim with donations.

Rough hope one sets on the development of the rentei (administration building) of 1847. A special attraction is the mining geological trail, which commemorates coal mining in the 18th century. And 19. The project was realized by the forderverein bergbaugeschichte (mining history association) in conjunction with the frankenwald nature park. Another attraction is the coal geotope, which offers a glimpse into 290 million years of the earth's history. After all: the rock of the year 2018 in bavaria is the local coal geotope. 

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