Diocese of wurzburg: church thinks in new spaces

diocese of wurzburg: church thinks in new spaces

In the future, pastoral care for the approximately 7,000 catholics in the wurzburg diocese will be organized in 40 pastoral rooms. The easternmost part of the diocese will be formed by the three pastoral areas habberge west, east and sud.

Bishop franz jung presented the units to about 50 representatives of church bodies at a diocesan forum in wurzburg’s burkardushaus on saturday and asked for god’s blessing for the further course of the program "being church together – pastoral care of the future requested. The press office of the episcopal ordinariate reports about the event on the feast of the consecration of the cathedral. Vicar general jurgen vorndran described the event as a "topping-out ceremony for the pastoral ministry of the future". Until then, it had been a herculean task, involving many people at different levels. The entire forum was broadcast live on the internet.

No rough parishes

There will be no coarse parishes in the wurzburg diocese, the bishop emphasized. The approximately 600 parishes of the diocese, the majority of which are grouped into about 160 parish communities, will remain in existence. By 2025, the pastoral spaces are to be tested, reviewed and, if necessary, optimized.

The bishop emphasized that the church should not only revolve around itself. This also means going down into the abysses of life with the people in the respective living spaces and allowing oneself to be questioned there. The bishop called for greater cooperation between caritas and pastoral care.

Priests with equal rights

The leadership of the 40 pastoral rooms should be shared by three to four priests each in solidarity. Canon monsignor stefan rambacher explained that this possibility of leadership "in solidum is expressly provided for in church law. The idea is that the priests, who have equal rights, will then discuss the priorities among themselves, and one of them, who is appointed or elected moderator, will decide as "primus inter pares in matters of dispute.

The other full-time pastors in the team of the pastoral area should support them, according to the words of vicar general vorndran, so that there is always "a face on the spot" gives. In addition, each person in the team is called upon to make target group-specific offers in the pastoral area, for example, for young people after confirmation, young couples on the way to marriage, or mourners.

Canon christoph warmuth from the pastoral care department, who is responsible for the program, explained that by 2022 the pastoral areas will be asked to define a pastoral concept for their area and to establish forms of binding cooperation. At the end of 2022, an interim conclusion will be drawn at another diozesan forum.

Further education

For team building in the pastoral areas, but also for the congregations and parish communities that need help in settling into the new pastoral areas, there are accompanying offers from congregational counseling, the institute for continuing education (fbi), as well as supervision and coaching.

Among other things, it is still unclear how a middle level – the current deaneries – will be tailored in the future and what its tasks will be. "This will also have to be taken into account in the election of a lay body at this level and the statutes for this", explained the chairman of the diocesan council michael wolf.

Pastoral advisor monika albert, who is responsible for community development, attested to a certain lack of synchronicity in the process and to a number of errors in the "pastoral care of the future converge. She was positively surprised by the high degree of approval that had come from the pastoral conferences and deaneries. "There are still important clarifications and consultations ahead of us – concerning the structure of the rooms and the line models." It is important to take sufficient time for this. She praised the creativity and joy of experimentation that had become clear from the feedback. This allows us to look to the future with confidence.

In 2016, as vicar general, canon thomas kebler initiated the "pastoral ministry of the future given. He reminded of the original parishes. "There were people who carried on the faith, even if priests and religious were often very far away at that time. I would like to see this awareness in the future."

New structure

The regional peculiarities are taken into account in the design of the new areas, he said. In the relatively densely populated lower main region, there are twelve smaller pastoral areas. The district of main-spessart is divided into four units, the structure of which is identical to that of the previous four districts. There are six pastoral spaces in the wurzburg area, nine in the schweinfurt and habbergen area, and nine in the bad kissingen and rhon-grabfeld counties.

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