District of bad kissingen: with the leisure bus to the ellertshauser lake

district of bad kissingen: with the leisure bus to the ellertshauser lake

The leisure bus lines in the counties of bad kissingen and rhon-grabfeld (saaletal-, sinntal- and streutalbus, as well as hochrhonbus) have been preserved. Above all, the baderland bus is of great interest to locals and guests alike, as it travels through two counties to the region’s five bathing resorts. If everything goes according to plan, another line will even be set up this year, but it will initially run on weekends and holidays as a trial run, the youngest district economic and environmental committee heard.

The new leisure bus from hammelburg via bad kissingen to the kreuzberg was recently presented – a line that was initially activated for two years. This offer apparently also appealed to other interested parties in the district. The economic and environmental committee had suggested that such a bus line should also be explored for the eastern part of the district.

Connection to bus and train

At the meeting on monday, the draft for a line that is to run from bad kissingen to ellertshauser lake was promptly presented. On the way, passengers may also have had the opportunity to take the train from rottershausen to schweinfurt or bad neustadt. The exact route was taken from the spa town via the district of arnshausen, oerlenbach and rottershausen, then on via rannungen, mabbach and volkershausen, in the direction of ellertshauser lake.

District developer jurgen metz has even presented a draft timetable. From this it can be seen that not only the connections to various trains, but also to the other leisure lines are secured. County councilman matthias klement particularly welcomed the county’s new commitment in his capacity as mayor of mabbach.

After all, his municipality belongs to the alliance schweinfurter oberland, which ultimately also includes ellertshauser lake. He was pleased now still, as he said, that one makes with the advertisement for the new bus also equal advertisement for the mabbacher outdoor swimming pool. Klement: "because then maybe a few guests will get off in mabbach and stay with us in the swimming pool."

District councilor achim bieber also wanted to take advantage of possible opportunities for the future and asked whether the bus could not also stop in poppenlauer. The project is still in its infancy, so there is still a lot that can be done," replied businessman metz.

From june to september

Contact is being made with the district of schweinfurt. The county of rhon-grabfeld is also to be included in the new planning process. Three pairs of trips could possibly be offered, metz continues. From whitsun and until the end of the summer vacations in 2019, the new route will be tested on a total of 30 service days, but only on saturdays, sundays and public vacations. After all, it is impossible to know in advance who and how many people will be on the buses. In the fall, the district administration will review the results and draw up a balance sheet. Only then can a decision be made as to whether the line will be included on a permanent basis and whether it will also be included in the advertising brochures, said metz.

For the order of these line journeys between june and september costs in height of altogether approximately 20,000 euro were incurred. The committee members all agreed. Now it’s a matter of obtaining the relevant approval from the government of lower franconia so that the bus can be launched in june 2019.Isolde krapf

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