Ebern handball players celebrate second win of the season

Ebern handball players celebrate second win of the season

There it is, the second success of the season in the handball-bezirksoberliga oberfranken for the TV ebern, and again the TVE won away from home. The eberner won a contested encounter at the HG hut/ahorn with 25:22 (14:12).
From the beginning, you could tell that the players of TVE were motivated to the hilt to take away something worthwhile from the surprise team of the league so far. The guests started like the fire department and fought for first ball wins, which were used with fast counter-attacks via weib and haberl to an early 5:1 lead. The ebern team extended the lead even further at 7:2 and 9:3 after a good 15 minutes of play. The 6:0 defense worked concentrated until this point and attacked the opponents in time. In the attacking positions, the team from ebern searched with patience and variety for openings, which were used again by haberl and now feldmann from the backcourt with three goals in the first half.
Due to an overnumber situation as well as a defensive change of the TVE, the HG hut/ahorn came back, shortened to 6:10 and was after two more seven-meter-penalties at 10:12 again in striking distance. The TVE loved in this phase to unprepared throws, which was punished.

The lead melts away

Although the visitors managed to regain a more comfortable lead at 14:10, two more goals against with a deficit reduced the lead to two goals again by halftime (14:12).
The first minutes of the second period belonged to the home team, which narrowed the gap to one goal at 15:16, but then weakened itself with a two-minute penalty. TV ebern took advantage of this by 19:15 with three goals in a row. Both defenses fought hard, but never unfairly. On the ebern side, muller, weib and especially raphael hippeli earned laurels for their strong cover work. Goals were in short supply during this phase and hard work. Again due to own play errors or missed scoring opportunities, the TVE had to accept the 21:21 equalizer seven minutes before the end.
But the loud fan crowd drove the eberner once again. The defense now held firm again, and in front durrbeck scored an important goal as well as haberl his goals number 10 and 11. TV ebern thus secured a hard-fought 25:22 victory in a tense handball match. With this important victory, the ebern team regains some breathing space in the relegation battle.


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