Environmental activist: eggolsheim biogas plant pollutes sittenbach creek

environmental activist: eggolsheim biogas plant pollutes sittenbach creek

For heinz marquart, the bio natural gas plant is a nuisance. Not only because food for about 50 people is sold here every year.000 people" the environmental activist from eggolsheim believes that the plant was not only misused to produce natural gas, but that it also poses a threat to the nearby nature reserve and bird sanctuary in the bug.

Citizens from eggolsheim had alerted him to the trubes in sittenbach. As a result, marquart was on 2. November first to enter shaft that lies between natural gas plant and creek. He took water samples and had them analyzed by the rietzler analytical institute in nurnberg.

On the basis of the analysis he raises the following accusations: the bio natural gas eggolsheim gmbh (with seat in nurnberg) offends against the immission-legal editions; collecting tanks were not allowed to possess an outlet into the free one, silage leachates were not allowed to arrive into the groundwater. Because the analyzed water from the shaft "considerably exceeds the requirements for municipal clear plants" heinz marquart assumes that erdgas gmbh has committed a criminal offense by "discharging wastewater".

Fear: bug nature reserve becomes "clear pond
Because he feared that the nature reserve bug would turn into a "clear pond" marquart has asked the municipality, the district office, and the operating company to clarify the causes of the dirty water.
The reactions: the district administration and the water management office sent experts to eggolsheim on thursday. They took water samples and announced that, at least on that day, there was "no noticeable contamination" had given. That does not mean, says kathrin schurr, press officer at the district office, that the investigation is now closed. "More samples are being taken". An independent bureau will clarify on this way, whether "in the past dirty water was discharged into the sittenbach", says kathrin schurr.

The company bioerdgas eggolsheim gmbh has also "taken first samples". As press spokeswoman heidi willer said, there are "no indications yet of pollution of the sittenbach by the biogas plant". However, "more meaningful values" are not expected until next week. In any case, bioerdgas eggolsheim, as the operator of the plant, will "check all processes in the plant". Heidi willer stressed that the water circuits from seeping juices, water from sanitary areas and rainwater "are strictly separated and each closed". Therefore, it can be assumed "that no wastewater from the other circuits (process water, facal water) will enter the rainwater retention basin or the sittenbach".

The company spokeswoman noted critically that heinz marquart "gained unannounced and unauthorized access to the shaft structure of the drainage pipe" and that "not to be left out" that his measurements were not carried out properly". Nevertheless, according to heidi willer, the plant operator marquart is "grateful for his commitment and his advice". The company had "a vested interest in identifying and correcting possible defects"; and that." Bioerdgas eggolsheim will "approach mr. Marquart personally and offer him to cooperate in the investigations".

Consequences of the dung?
A burgher from bammersdorf, made his own hypothesis on friday. He has observed that farmers have been "intensively dunging" in recent weeks. Possibly the water is simply contaminated by manure. And the city of forchheim's public utility company also spoke up. They are involved in the biogas plant in eggolsheim via regnitzstromverwertung (RSV). According to christian sponsel (head of the service, systems and networks department), the municipal utility had repeatedly carried out measurements in eggolsheim in the past: "we didn't notice anything unusual." The municipal utility will follow up on marquart's tips, said christian sponsel; but he warned against jumping to conclusions: the water that marquart had taken from the shaft "can only be rainwater that is fed into the sittenbach from the depot". Sponsel emphasized: this has nothing to do with seeping water." The stadtwerke employee has a completely different assumption: "during the laying of the pipeline for the construction of the biogas plant, the edge of a former mull landfill in eggolsheim was scratched."

Can the water values measured by marquart be related to waste from the former landfill site?? This question also needs to be investigated, sponsel says.


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