Every second place on the csu district council list goes to a woman

every second place on the csu district council list goes to a woman

Veronika schadeck 83 of 89 CSU delegates voted on saturday afternoon in the "klein eden" tropical house for the presented list of candidates who want to enter the district council in the municipal elections in march 2020. Before that, there was a long, sustained ovation for the district chairman of the frankenwald CSU, jurgen baumgartner.

In an impassioned speech, the latter focused primarily on shaping the future of the region. He wanted to show people what the CSU has to offer, the chairman emphasized. "We say what we do before the election and do what we say after the election!"

The list is a "reflection of society

He only briefly touched on the young past. He spoke of a "committed team that works well together and has achieved fantastic things". Baumgartner described the frankenwald csu as "modern conservatives, who know that it is a matter of shaping the change in such a way that it becomes bearable, acceptable and comprehensible for the citizens. Being conservative but it’s about the mab and the middle, about everyday common sense and a commitment to the social market economy.

Referring to political debates on the margins, baumgartner said that it would be the task of the frankenwald CSU to shift the discourse back to the center, at least locally. A basic prerequisite for the discourse, however, is the end of polarization through moralization. "The second i morally elevate my own position, i destroy the legitimacy of democratic discourse and prevent the imperative competition in a democratic debate.", according to baumgartner.

He described the district council list as a reflection of society. The frankenwald CSU would thus live up to the mabstab of a people’s party. The proportion of women, he emphasized, is 50 percent.

He had words of praise for district administrator klaus loffler, who has "set the course" since taking office and is now in the "fast lane".

In his speech, jurgen baumgartner presented his ten-point program for the next six years in frankenwald. According to the speech, the CSU is focusing on a modern infrastructure consisting of road, rail, broadband and "life infrastructure". The ground-breaking ceremony for the four-lane expansion of highway 173 will take place before the municipal elections, he announced. The 2+1 solution is being pursued for the B 303. The last gaps in the network of cycle paths have been closed.

With the housing summit, the region will get back into the social housing business. Together with the kronach protectors, the way will be paved for a "kronach town hall" embarked. In addition, it will be examined whether the swimming pools of the district can be organized in a special purpose association.

With regard to the university region, he spoke of three faculties that are to be offered in the region in the next ten years. 1000 students came to kronach and 300 partly highly qualified jobs were created.

The mobility concept should be complemented by an app that makes it possible to rethink the concept of ride-sharing. In the area of education, the focus will not only be on investing in schools and digitalization, but also on teaching social and language skills as well as social cohesion.

For the local economy, the frankenwald CSU will continue to be a strong voice at the state and national level. It will be a matter of achieving special depreciation for the region. Furthermore, the CSU wants to support the preservation of the rodachtal railroad and actively promote the settlement of doctors in the region. Baumgartner welcomed the fact that a demand of the CSU would be taken up with the partial new construction of the clinic. With regard to climate change, baumgartner focuses on research and innovation. He spoke of an energy mix. He went on to talk about the achievements of the associations and volunteers. They want to show their appreciation by having the district’s leaders present at events. That is why there should be another deputy district administrator.

On the subject of "integration the district chairman spoke of a guiding culture that does not exclude, but integrates – but clearly states how to treat each other. Furthermore, he announced a new start with agriculture in the county "but not with the current leadership of the farmers’ association". They will be looking for partners to talk to and will be working to improve the work and increase the acceptance of farmers.

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