Fdp: afd remains the parliamentary arm of the far right

Fdp: afd remains the parliamentary arm of the far right

From the point of view of the FDP, andreas kalbitz’s expulsion from the afd is nothing more than a "fig leaf" and does nothing to change the party’s character.

"The afd is the parliamentary arm of the extreme right in germany. Andreas kalbitz is only part of the tip of the iceberg of radicals in the afd," said benjamin strasser, a member of the FDP’s interior policy, to the deutsche presse-agentur in berlin.

After several hours of proceedings, the afd’s federal arbitration court in stuttgart on saturday confirmed kalbitz’s expulsion, which the federal executive committee had decided by majority vote in may. Kalbitz is chairman of the afd faction in the brandenburg state parliament.

"If the afd was really concerned with consistently removing right-wing extremists from its party, functionaries like bjorn hocke as well as his followers had long since been expelled," said strasser. "There is no political will to do so in the afd, however, because right-wing extremism is now part of the party."

CSU secretary general markus blume made a similar statement: "the fact that andreas kalbitz now remains excluded says nothing and changes nothing," he told the "welt am sonntag" newspaper. "Rather, it speaks volumes how many frenetic supporters a right-wing extremist still has in the middle of the afd."Blume expects afd to fall below five percent again in future elections. "The days of the afd in the parliaments are paid."

Kalbitz was one of the spokesmen for the officially disbanded "wing" around thuringia’s afd state and parliamentary party leader bjorn hocke; the constitutional protection agency classifies the group as a "secure right-wing extremist effort". In may, the afd federal executive committee had expelled kalbitz from the party. The reason he gave was that kalbitz had not declared his former membership in the now banned extreme right-wing "heimattreuen deutsche jugend" (HDJ) and the republicans when he joined the party. Kalbitz denies membership in the HDJ.

The thuringian afd leader bjorn hocke has sharply criticized the party exclusion of kalbitz. The decision would mean serious damage for the afd, both ideally and materially, hocke said in a video published on his facebook page on saturday evening.

There is talk that the process 50.000 euros. The sum could now grow to a six-figure sum if kalbitz takes legal action against the exclusion as announced. For that, he wished kalbitz "rough success".

The chairman of the left-wing faction in the brandenburg state parliament, sebastian walter, also emphasized that the decision of the federal arbitration court does not change the character of the afd: "the wolf has only eaten chalk. The afd remains an extreme right-wing party, with or without kalbitz."Neither the federal party is weakened with this decision, nor the right wing.

"The manover of the meuthen troupe is transparent. One wants to escape a further observation by the constitution protection and tries to get under the radar", said walter.

"The afd will not get rid of the ghosts it called. A throwing out doesn’t change anything," commented the SPD secretary general of brandenburg, erik stohn, on the decision in the kalbitz case. "Here, the afd state association and the faction stood by their right-wing leader until today."

The legal dispute over kalbitz’s membership in the afd will continue. The latter announced on saturday that he would now take civil action against the decision of the federal arbitration court.


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