Fee screw in neubrunn: “increase in the direction of rip-off”

"The most important concern for the next few years is to maintain our two kindergartens, but also the elementary school in kirchlauter. With combined classes and a location in kirchlauter, this should be possible for the elementary school, and especially for the kindergarten in neubrunn, we have to come up with a special design. Here we are dependent on the school children in the midday care and I appeal here to the young mother to help with it", mayor karl heinz kandler (SPD) emphasized at the town hall meeting, which was attended by around 65 residents of neubrunn.

The mayor spoke about the development of the population figures, according to which the municipality of kirchlauter currently has 1336 citizens with their main residence. In addition there were 71 with secondary residence. In the population structure, the age group from 0 to 18 years has fallen from 224 to 215, while the number of people over 65 years has increased from 250 to 288.

The kindergarten in neubrunn is only occupied by 19 children: twelve children from three to six years old, two children under three years old and five schoolchildren. Since september 2016 we have fallen into the "landkindergartenregelung" because of the low numbers, but we should not fall further behind.

The situation at the kirchlauter elementary school, which currently has 73 students in its four classes, is similarly tense: 49 students come from the municipality of kirchlauter and 24 from the municipality of breitbrunn. The administrative contribution amounts to almost 25,000 euros. 93 children currently attend the main school in ebelsbach, 20 of them from kirchlauter. The administrative levy here amounts to 52,000 euros.

Mayor karl heinz kandler said that here the plans were unchanged until 2018 and until then also the two schoolhouses in neubrunn and kirchlauter were occupied. In 2020/21, however, there will be a class of only ten pupils and mixed classes will have to be formed. With such combined classes, it should be possible to maintain the elementary school in kirchlauter, but then we would have to bite the bullet with only one location in kirchlauter.

Lilo stubenrauch asked about this development, what is being done to become more interesting for young families and also to address vacancies from this perspective. "We should perhaps market ourselves better, because we are an active community." With regard to the kindergarten in neubrunn, jurgen streichsbier called for a design that had to be discussed with the parents. He also called for better marking of the "zone 30" in the settlement with consideration for the children.

Susi heckelmann and other participants in the discussion thought it was a pity that not enough was being done about the playgrounds, with a view to the children. If 117,000 euros were spent on the "genuss-erlebnisweg" (enjoyment experience path) and only 20,000 euros for playgrounds, then that is out of all proportion.

Mayor kandler replied that they are trying and that they budget 10,000 euros a year for playgrounds.
In addition, he then discussed further investments for the years 2018-2022. For this purpose he also paid the criticized "enjoyment experience path, which was estimated at a cost of around 120,000 euros. Here it is above all a matter of preserving the intact nature and cultural landscape in the municipality and the orchard meadows, as well as of including further focal points in the environmental educational development of the hiking route from kirchlauter via pettstadt and neubrunn and back to kirchlauter. In this context, ludwig berninger also raised the question of the care of the fruit trees, which in neubrunn was taken over by the fruit and horticulture association, but in kirchlauter "a single act by peter" be.

Regarding the traffic situation, michael kaiser from kirchlauter explained that people drive into the village quickly from all sides. "Kirchlauter is a fast village and the older people have trouble getting across the roads. For this reason, I request three speed measuring devices. The costs of 8000 to 9000 euro are against it a pappenstiel." He assumes that the facilities have been realized. Mayor kandler recalled that one had already been purchased, but others had been rejected by the municipal council.

The mayor spoke about changes in the statutes and fees, especially those related to wastewater. With the new development contributions one comes for the waste water on a sum of 19,51 euro per square meter of floor space and 1,45 euro per square meter of ground surface. With the regular discharge fees, an office had been consulted for the calculation and now the fees were to be increased as of 1 january 2009. January 2018 in kirchlauter from 1.25 to 2.26 euros per cubic meter, in neubrunn from 1.11 to 1.23 euros and in pettstadt from 1.55 to 2.84 euros. The estimates for the last three years were dropped under the table, because otherwise the estimates would have been even higher.

On this subject franz ludwig schenk graf von stauffenberg then spoke up and criticized the fact that wastewater in kirchlauter now costs twice as much as drinking water and that an increase of 80 percent has been achieved by the change in charges. It was difficult for him to understand this. "We, the people of kirchlauter, now have the pleasure of paying 80 percent higher fees, because the decrease has come to over one million euros and was only estimated at 400,000 euros. After my experiences such precalculations are not to be justified and cannot be accepted these additional costs also. This is a grotesque increase in the direction of rip-off."

Michael kaiser was interested in the costs for the expert opinion, which were given as 12,000 euros. "Why do I need an office, which of course also has to be paid for?? These are running costs that are obvious and that can be calculated by an administration. This is what has happened over the last few decades." Mayor karl heinz kandler referred to the procedure for "cost-accounting facilities" and said that the fee change would apply for the next four years. "But that is not the end of the line, and it can look different again."

One must present until 2019 above all a planning, how one can put away the foreign water still better, while one has a better cleaning by 58 per cent by the effected mabnahme. This answer was not enough for graph stauffenberg, who said that the burgher was helpless and that due to the increase in construction costs "now he must only pay".

During the lively discussion, other questions were raised, such as the land cut, the expansion of the settlement in kirchlauter, the removal of the bischofsheimer weg, a 2. Exit at the recycling center in kirchlauter and also required incentives for the problem of vacant houses in the community

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