Fire in steinach: rescue workers were able to prevent “worse” from happening

Fire in steinach: rescue workers were able to prevent 'worse' from happening

On monday evening, a fire broke out in the oldest part of the "hein gmbh&" building co. KG" to a fire. According to the initial findings of the criminal police fire investigators, a technical defect in a false floor of the building was probably the cause of the fire. According to treasures, the damage caused amounts to around 500.000 euros.

It was a long night for the commander of the hof an der steinach volunteer fire department, michael renner. Only in the early morning hours of tuesday he left his place of action. Fortunately, no people were injured in the fire, but there was a lot of damage to the inventory, he says.

Fire source difficult to reach

The fire department had difficulty reaching the source of the fire, is how renner describes the operation at the building materials trade’s office building. In this context he speaks of fire protection panels on the ceiling and of a tin roof on which a photovoltaic system is mounted. The source of the fire was therefore difficult to reach. His colleagues had to remove the boards from below in order to be able to fight the fire. Unfortunately, it was not possible to prevent the fire from spreading to the adjacent warehouse, where stacks of paper and insulating materials were stored.

"Worse" was prevented

"It’s all good", peter holdermuller, managing director of the hein company, was heard on tuesday afternoon. The night before, he stood in front of his burning office building with a certain amount of bewilderment and anxiety.

"The firefighters and rescue workers have done a great job", he expressed his thanks. The thanks goes to all the active firefighters present, who "worse" and prevented the fire from spreading to the IT systems.

Pictures: fire in building materials store in steinach
but holdermuller is also proud of his employees, who moved files and computers for accounting and part of the administration to another building, so that business operations could be resumed within a short time on tuesday morning.

That a fire watch is necessary and also makes sense was proven once again this night for michael renner. He speaks of the fact that about 4.30 o’clock again a fire source in the ceiling area of the administration building ignited: "if there is no one on site, it looks bad." On monday evening, shortly after 9 p.M., motorists and a neighbor noticed a thick column of smoke coming from the building materials store’s building and immediately notified the fire department and the police.

When the first rescue teams arrived, the administration building was already engulfed in flames. Around 200 firefighters successfully battled the fire, which had already spread to an adjacent warehouse. The firefighting work continued into the early hours of the morning. Renner speaks of the famous luck in misfortune, when he said: "thank god the fire did not break out at a later point in the night"!"

At the scene were the fire departments from hof an der steinach, steinach an der steinach, mitwitz, gestungshausen, sonnefeld, worlsdorf, hassenberg, kups, kronach as well as the support group for local operations command (UG-oel) from steinbach am wald. Furthermore, in addition to the police and BRK rescue forces, the THW was also on the scene. The further investigation continues.

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