First money for debt digitization soon

First money for debt digitization soon

The planned digitization of germany’s schools has taken another key hurdle. The bundestag voted by a two-thirds majority to amend the constitution accordingly. First federal money to go to states and municipalities this year.

The bill received a majority of 574 of the 648 votes cast in a final roll call vote. 74 delegates voted no. As expected, the necessary two-thirds majority was achieved. Previously, all factions except the afd had voted for it. The basis was an agreement reached in the mediation committee of the bundesrat and the bundestag on wednesday evening. The state chamber is expected to give the green light in mid march.

Then there could be five billion euros from the federal government for equipping schools with digital equipment and learning programs, two billion for new social housing and one billion for local rail transport. The amendment to the basic law is intended to make it possible or easier for the federal government to support the states in those areas in which they are competent. The afd failed with a motion to cancel the vote.

The first federal funds are to fall this year, as a spokeswoman for the federal ministry of education announced. The head of the conference of education ministers, hesse’s minister alexander lorz (CDU), emphasized: "the digital pact for schools must get underway now so that schools have planning security and we can give digitization in our schools the necessary impetus."

Following the amendment of the basic law, the digital pact that has already been negotiated still has to be signed. This is the already negotiated agreement between the federal and state governments on federal aid of five billion euros. According to this agreement, school boards, such as municipalities, can submit requests to the federal states, it was announced.

In baden-wurttemberg, for example, the federal funds are to be used primarily to bring WLAN to schools, according to the state education ministry. In purely arithmetical terms, the country was able to pay 142.000 euros per school or 433 euros per child benefit. From rhineland-palatinate, the project also involved representatives of parents and schools.

The funds can also be used, for example, for display devices such as whiteboards, for personnel costs for system administrators and for end devices. Up to one of the five billion will also be spent on laptops, notebooks and tablets – with each school receiving up to 25 billion euros.000 euros can be received.

Lorz pointed out that the states are not starting from scratch with the digitization of debt. "The lander ministers of education have long since set out to meet the rough challenge of digital transformation facing general and vocational schools."

Federal minister of the interior horst seehofer (CSU), who is also responsible for construction, also welcomed the agreement and declared that it cleared the way for federal aid for social housing construction of at least two billion euros. "As further measures, we will, for example, increase the legal security of rent rolls, raise housing subsidies and simplify the law on the awarding of building contracts."


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