Fubball-em 2020: munich enters the race for germany

Fubball-em 2020: munich enters the race for germany

The bavarian state capital is to be the german venue for the 2020 european soccer championships. The DFB presidium decided on friday for munich and against competitor berlin. "It was not an easy decision for us, because we had two strong contenders in munich and berlin, who have already proven several times that they can handle such major events. We are sure that, as a venue, we have a very good chance of obtaining a EURO 2020 package from UEFA.", said DFB president wolfgang niersbach.

In seven years, the european championships will be held for the first time not just in one country or two countries, but in 13 cities spread across the continent. Final selection of these 13 stadiums in september 2014.

Tight selection in september 2014
Like all other associations, the german soccer federation is only allowed to apply for two packages: either the two semifinals and the final are to take place in munich – or the three preliminary round matches of the german team plus an eighth or quarter final.

The chances of the bavarian capital are very good, because UEFA will hardly pass over the continent's largest market and one of the leading soccer nations for its first pan-european european championship. But it is possible that munich remains only the package with the three preliminary games. In the event that istanbul fails to win the 2020 olympic games, the german football association (DFB) will support a turkish bid to host the semifinals and the final for reasons of sports policy.

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