German corona app also available in other european countries

German corona app also available in other european countries

The corona-warn-app from germany can now also be downloaded and used by many visitors from european foreign countries. Today, the application appeared in eleven european countries in the respective app stores, as the robert koch institute announced on twitter.

In addition to neighbors from the benelux countries, the app can also be used by users from france, austria, the czech republic, poland, denmark, romania and bulgaria when they are in germany. In germany, the number of downloads rose slightly to 13 million, equivalent to 15.6 percent of the population.

To make it easier to enter an infection status in the app, more doctors’ offices are now to be prepared to send the test results digitally. The federal association of panel doctors announced a new form for corona tests, each with an individual QR code. The forms can either be ordered as printed copies or printed out using the software in the doctors’ offices. The form is also available in a version for the public health service.

Using the QR code, a positive test result can be entered directly into the app without having to call a telecom hotline for an activation number.

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