Gloss: the unknown creature from the supermarket

In the meantime, you can invite all your friends and family to your home. On 17. June the contact restriction was relaxed. But do you want that right now, so immediately and directly already again? And is it safe after more than three months of self-isolation??

Most astronauts, for example, have spent less time in space than we have in our home space station. And they had to hang a few days of isolation after they returned to earth – just to be on the safe side. The dangers that lurk down here are far more serious than the vacuum or meteorites in space.

The unknown creature from the supermarket

One of the worst risks is making its way through the supermarket. It has arms and legs like a human being. The unknown being can also speak, as can be seen from a shrill "hi"-reputation. But what or who it is exactly cannot be seen under a face mask printed with flowers.

"Long time no see!", the unknown creature shouts at you and asks about the kids or how things are going at work. You maneuver through the conversation with sweat on your brow. One does not dare to ask counter-questions. For the unknown creature has still not been identified.

Where astronauts improvise, mistakes happen

Just as the unknown being seems to be saying goodbye, it turns around once again. "Let’s have a cup of coffee at your place again." – houston, we have a problem! No training simulation prepares you for this situation. And where astronauts have to improvise, mistakes happen.

Thoughts racing. For a long time we had the excuse with the contact. But it does not apply now. Pre-exchanging cold doesn’t work when you’re standing in the supermarket during corona. Even the death of relatives could lead to false conclusions about a possible infection.

There is only one way out of the situation, but it hurts. It reads: "fully gladly. When do you have time?" The next trip to the unknown is on the agenda.

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