Gok company donates 10.000 euros

gok company donates 10.000 euros

It took a total of 10,000 euros in hand, which managing director gerald unger and the entrepreneurial family with dieter and maria kleine handed over to pastor thomas volk and educator petra leipold of the evangelic kindergarten marktbreit as well as luise zitzmann and gertraud baier of the ochsenfurter tafel (oxford food bank). Gerald unger explained that social commitment is one of the principles of the company GOK.

Coarse and smaller donations
During the course of the year, it supports smaller projects of associations and institutions from time to time, but the rough donations at christmas have become a good tradition in the meantime. The kindergarten children from marktbreit thanked the company with a self-made mobile including a "subem grub, and pastor volk explained that he had gained valuable insights that afternoon at the company GOK. "You live it socially with each other, this attitude also goes over to the employees."
New playground equipment for the children and a support for the upcoming relocation of the food bank in ochsenfurt are to be made possible by the 5000 euros each – no wonder that the recipients were full of thanks. And also mayor erich hegwein rightly leaned far out of the window: "you are the biggest benefactor we have here", he praised the managing director and the small couple.


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