Great atmosphere, great costumes – and manners are chased away

Great atmosphere, great costumes - and manners are chased away

They came as cellos, as table and waiter or as rock band kiss: actually these kostume are hardly to be topped – one should think. But bettina and alex had dressed up as marionettes and also brought a bus stop alias judith with them to beiersdorf in the hall of the "zum schwarzen baren" guesthouse. There was again celebrated the women’s carnival of the TV 1848 coburg. Without any manner, of course. The only exception were the musicians of the band "logos"."
Bettina, alex and judith come from baunach and have been enjoying themselves for many years at the women’s carnival in beiersdorf. They explain the long way as follows: "it is the best carnival far and wide"." And not only that: also the costumes are the most original ever.
The women’s carnival of the TV 1848 was held for the 33rd time this year. Times, of it for the 13. Time in the "black baren. "It is the only carnival that is still celebrated here in the hall", explained co-organizer sabine berger. In recent years, the number of visitors has risen steadily. This time, however, there were fewer women – probably because of the weather. But that did not dampen the mood. "Never mind, now we have room to dance", said sabine berger – laughed and danced on.
Of course, so much concentrated female power arouses the curiosity of the men. That’s why they keep a watchful eye at the checkout counter to make sure that no man sneaks in among the women. And if nevertheless? "Let’s chase him out", says sabine berger.

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