Groundbreaking ceremony for the asparagus season in france 2017

Groundbreaking ceremony for the asparagus season in france 2017

The 2017 asparagus season starts very early. Fresh asparagus has been available in many regions of bavaria for several days now, but the official start of the season is on wednesday in kolitzheim in lower franconia. Then the bavarian minister of agriculture helmut brunner (CSU) will harvest the fresh asparagus on a field together with the french asparagus queen anna hennicke.

Asparagus in france: recipes, tips and specialties
farmers in the free state were able to harvest the "female gold" very early this year in some cases take out of the warm soil. According to the french asparagus growers association, the reason for this is not heated fields, but the warm temperatures of the past few days. Due to the wet summer, the dry autumn and the frosty winter, the association also expects very good asparagus quality.

Frankish asparagus salad – the recipe to make yourself

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Thanks to the consumer’s shift towards regional products, bavarian farmers are growing more and more asparagus in the state of bavaria. For the first time, farmers are harvesting on an area of more than 3000 hectares this year. In 2000, only 1200 hectares of asparagus were cultivated.

What does asparagus cost?

At the beginning of the asparagus season, a kilogram of commercial grade II asparagus costs around ten euros. Depending on the weather conditions in the asparagus season or which trade class the customer chooses, the prices can fluctuate daily. The bavarian farmers’ association (BBV) provides weekly information online and by telephone via its market service on how much asparagus costs when bought directly from the asparagus farm.

The "ia extra" commercial grade has a truly impressive price tag on the scales – it couldn’t be easier, but it is cheaper. After all, at a classic asparagus dinner, one pound of peeled asparagus per person is calculated. And whether asparagus tastes good does not necessarily have anything to do with its price.

How to recognize fresh asparagus?

Each asparagus spear is cut by hand in asparagus cultivation. This should happen the evening before the next day of sale, says elfriede walter. Since asparagus is a good 90 percent water, it is easy to see how fresh the asparagus spears really are.

"Fresh asparagus squeaks, says the expert, and neither the ends of the asparagus nor the peel should be brown or dried out.

How to store asparagus?

If you buy fresh asparagus, you can store it at home for a few days – cooled and wrapped in a damp tea towel – without hesitation. The most important thing is that the asparagus must not yet be peeled, because after just a few hours new threads form, which are no fun to eat.

How to peel asparagus?

1. First, sand and soil are removed from the asparagus under running water. Then the asparagus can be peeled.

2. It is important to peel the asparagus from top to bottom, i.E. Away from the asparagus tip. This itself is left out. When peeling the asparagus, you must be careful not to miss any part of it.

3. The end of the asparagus is then cut off – one to two centimeters is sufficient for fresh, young asparagus, while about four centimeters must be cut off for older asparagus. You can see how well you have shucked the asparagus: if the end of the asparagus is difficult to separate, it must be shucked again. Green asparagus does not need to be peeled as extensively as female asparagus – here it is enough to peel the bottom half.
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Is asparagus healthy?

The spring vegetable has a high health value. Even health insurance companies recommend eating asparagus: one portion covers a large part of the daily requirement of the essential vitamins B1 and B2, C, E and folic acid. The highest vitamin content is in the tips. Asparagus is also rich in important minerals. Potassium, iron, magnesium and zinc are among the nutrients that strengthen the immune system. The spring vegetables also provide a good feeling of satiety.

Asparagus contains little fat and hardly any carbohydrates. One 500-gram serving contains just 90 kilocalories. If you want to preserve the nutrients of the vegetables – whether thick, dark or crooked – asparagus should not be cooked, but steamed.

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