Gypsy moth is combated by helicopter

In its most recent meeting, the city council unanimously approved the chemical control of the gypsy moth. In munnerstadt, smaller forest areas in grobwenkheim, kleinwenkheim and seubrigshausen are affected.

The decision was preceded by a detailed presentation by wilhelm schmalen of the amt fur ernahrung, landwirtschaft und forsten bad neustadt (office for food, agriculture and forestry). "We needed frost at the beginning of may" said wilhelm schmalen. Then the gypsy moth was controlled in a natural way, but if there is no frost, something should be done. The caterpillars of the gypsy moth can eat entire oak trees bare, but they do not stop at other deciduous trees either.

In detail, wilhelm schmalen shows the city council the problem on the animals themselves and the measuring methods with which the infestation is determined. The caterpillars are controlled by helicopters, which apply the chemical preparation mimic in a very targeted manner to the affected crowns. Wilhelm schmalen stressed that bees were not endangered by this.

In the ensuing discussion, wilhelm schmalen explained that distances to residential areas are maintained and that nature reserves and water protection areas are not affected. The occurrence of bats or, more rarely, birds of prey also means that there is no control of the gypsy moth. Special safety regulations apply to the spraying itself. Ultimately, the owner decides whether to fight the gypsy moth at all.

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