Haba family of companies returns shares to digital education company

The haba family of companies has sold back its shares in gesellschaft fur digitale bildung (gfdb). According to the company, the decision was based on the strategic positioning of the family company, which supports families and children in the core areas of family life, play and education.

The gfdb is a system-independent solution provider, which is committed to the digitalization of educational institutions of public and private schools as well as public administrations. The focus of the haba family of companies, on the other hand, is on digitization

In the field of education, and here more strongly on comprehensive and playful media education for children as well as the teaching of important skills for the future. "We will focus more strongly on our core focus in the future.", explains tim steffens, spokesman for the management of the haba family of companies. In march 2020, he took over 100 percent of the haba digital workshop. This facility brings children closer to the digital world under professional guidance. "The sale of the gdfb shares is a logical continuation of the course we have embarked upon", steffens emphasizes.

According to the haba family of companies, the gdfb will continue to purchase products for its solutions from the haba company in the future. "Digital education can only take place in flexible and rethought learning environments. We will continue to rely on the good cooperation with the haba family of companies", mathias harms, executive director of the gfdb, recalls. The two partners will continue to exchange views on digital education topics, the statement assures. "It is a matter close to our hearts to drive forward and actively shape the issue of digitalization in education, emphasizes steffens

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