Harald hofmann wants a second term as mayor

Harald hofmann wants a second term as mayor

Bypass or not, bypass or not. No other topic has dominated harald hofmann's term of office like this one. And yes: it cost a lot of time and nerves. "If someone says that is not the case, it is not true."

The 56-year-old nevertheless feels like hanging on as mayor for six years. "It's a pleasure because you can try to bring the place forward and improve the living conditions of the population."

Apart from the bypass, there were projects that were not so much in the spotlight, but were brought forward. The senior citizens' facility at the "umpfig be "ing and will be built. The building application is to be discussed at the next meeting of the municipal council.

The school location is secured. The elementary school will remain in the town; the middle schools will learn in conjunction with munnerstadt. "Children and parents are very satisfied with the association school." A decision will probably be made in may as to whether the school building will have to be refurbished or rebuilt.

In this context, the mayor also mentions the planned local heating network. It is to supply once beside the school coarse parts nudlingens. A feasibility study still needs to be carried out to obtain funding and inspire potential supporters.

According to hofmann, many projects involving state funding can only be realized with the help of an integrated urban development concept (ISEK). Therefore, this should be created as quickly as possible.

According to hofmann, an urban development measure was implemented even without the ISEK: eight barrier-free social housing units are currently being built in the old town. The problem of a missing rainwater overflow basin for the water from the "wurmerich" construction area is also a problem be soon drawn. It is being built in an inner courtyard near the bus stop in the direction of bad kissingen.

"Tackling such projects is what the mayor's office already does. Even if they need time", says hofmann. He promises for a possible further term of office: "I will never give up the goals I have."

The 56-year-old sees the next six years primarily as years of implementation. Many projects are prepared for this. "Whoever sits in the mayor's chair will be allowed to cut ribbons and hand over finished projects."

And if it doesn't work out with a second term in the town hall of nudlingen? Then harald hofmann will almost certainly go back to the home company.

One thing harald hofmann can't say today: how the bypass will proceed. Another lesson learned from the past six years: despite the citizens' survey and referendum, "the community of nudlingen has little influence on this federal project," says hofmann. Route planning, inspections, environmental impact studies and finally the decision for or against construction – all this is in the hands of the federal government and the state construction office in schweinfurt.

Three questions for harald hofmann

The bypass has kept nudlingen particularly busy over the past months and years. As mayor, how do you intend to reunite the two camps of opponents and supporters??

The burghers have decided that they reject the planning of the bypass. Both initiatives have extensively and factually promoted their arguments. It is necessary to talk to the burghers, initiatives, the building authority and the federal ministry of transport respectively, in order to explore alternatives. The issue is very complex; trench construction guidelines, traffic management, nature conservation and costs have to be brought together. I can not predict a result today.

You are running in a mayoral election for the second time. Why do you see yourself as the ideal local head of noodles?

I don't presume to be ideal or a local leader. I am like everyone neither perfect, nor infallible or omniscient. I apply for another term as 1. Burgermeister to implement the projects that we have already set in motion. Social housing, new school construction, an urban development concept (ISEK), local heating network, expansion of the municipal utilities, maintenance of our infrastructure (roads, sewers, water, electricity and fiber optics). As mayor and county councilor, a network has been established with decision-makers in politics and government, which will be an advantage during another term of office.

As mayor, which institution would you definitely like to bring to nudlingen in the next six years, and why??

Retirement homes and shopping centers are on the way out. The development plan for a supermarket at the entrance to the town from bad kissingen is currently being drawn up. The implementation of a senior citizens' facility with a care concept has been decided: 34 assisted living units, day care, nursing service. Expected occupancy: january 2022. Industrial settlements in nudlingen are utopia. Important is our medical supply. We make sure that all medical positions in nudlingen have a future.

Personal details

Harald hofmann was born on 12. April 1963 born in munnerstadt. The 56-year-old is married to wife anita; he has two children. He attended elementary school in nudlingen from 1969 to 1975, and then secondary school in bad kissingen until 1979. From 1979 to 1982, he completed an apprenticeship as a sawyer at the woodworks heinrich strohla in schwarzenbach am wald (upper franconia). An apprenticeship as a burokaufmann followed in the parental wine press house in nudlingen until 1984. He continued to work there until 2002. As of 2003, he acted as joint managing director/partner with his brothers. Politics

Nudlinger joined the CSU in 1982, was a founding member of the local young union in 1985 and its chairman from 1987 to 1989. Since 1999, hofmann has been the head of the CSU nudlingen-haard. He was elected to the city council in 2002. 2008 to 2011 he was third mayor, then until 2014 second mayor. In that year, hofmann was elected as the first mayor and has since been a member of the district council in bad kissingen.

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