How prejudices can work

How prejudices can work

It’s not unusual for schoolchildren to read in class. The fact that they had to deal with demanding texts in the course of their schooling was equally unimpressive. Nevertheless, the reading piece that katrin fischer-sandhop and hans-werner fischer had rehearsed with the refugees, who are currently attending the vocational integration pre-class of the technical high school, was a special one. The prose text by franz fuhmann is about the effect of prejudice and incitement. "The jewish car made clear in a vivid way how one’s own perception can be influenced.

A young boy sees himself threatened by strangers and describes the abduction of young girls by "the jews" in class. But suddenly this threat turned out to be an illusion. The boy was blobgestellt. From then on he hated the "jews" only more.

The schoolchildren brought the reading play to the theater "das baumann on stage – not only as a mere text reproduction, but they built in acting elements.

Peter muller, the integration officer for kulmbach, and the "grenzenlos" writing workshop invited the participants to a special kind of presentation.

"With joy and courage"

As a director, andrea moses helped the teachers and schoolchildren to implement the project. Moses is known through renowned productions in salzburg or at the vienna state opera house.

She is currently performing "the circle" at the national theater in weimar governance. This is a novel from the pen of activist dave eggers. It is to be performed on stage in the form of an opera.

"The work with the young refugees was of course something completely different. But they all went to work with joy and courage", moses drew a balance. "It was exciting to see how the young people developed the story", said moses.

The schoolchildren spent around 20 hours working on the prose text. "It was an experiment to be able to speak confidently", says andrea moses.

Hans-werner fischer was also impressed. He supported the schools on the stage.

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