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How to Use AI Technology for Better Customer Experience

In a hypercompetitive market, organizations are increasingly turning to technology to engage and retain their customers. The utilization of AI technology for enhanced customer experience is no more a far-fetched imagination but a very present reality.

Businesses are already using AI and machine learning for lead generation, customer acquisition, and the delivery of better shopping experiences.

In fact, according to eMarketer, nearly half of US marketers say that they have increased their CX-related AI investment in the past couple of years.

That’s because CX has taken the driver’s seat when it comes to business growth.

According to a Salesforce report, both B2B and B2C customers today have high expectations from businesses. An overwhelming majority-88% of customers say that CX is as valuable as the quality of products or services.

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Image via Salesforce

And AI technology can help you get ahead of your competitors when it comes to customer experience.

What to learn how to get started?

Take a look at these five expert-trusted techniques you can adopt right away to employ AI for improved customer experience.

Let’s dig right in.

5 Ways to Use AI Technology for Better Customer Experience

The benefits of AI-enhanced customer experience are plenty. We are already seeing the application of Artificial Intelligence in ecommerce, healthcare, banking, and hundreds of other industries to elevate CX.

If you desire to reap the benefits of AI for your business, take note of these techniques to learn how to use AI technology to enhance customer experience.

1. Gain Deeper and Data-Driven Customer Insights

Big data and AI-enabled analytics are revolutionizing the digital marketing industry as we speak. AI technology can gather and analyze customer data like never before to produce precise and in-depth customer insights.

AI algorithms can go beyond demographics or browsing history to look into more specific customer data like previous communications, buying behaviors, geo-specific events, referral sources, and so on to create more detailed customer personas. And this can help you craft a more comprehensive experience for them.

Let’s say you are using one of the top ClickFunnels alternatives to create an effective sales funnel for your business. Based on AI-driven customer insights, you can effectively deliver a better customer experience at every stage of their buying journey and win their loyalty. This can help increase your conversions.

2. Offer Personalized Recommendations Based on Predictive Analytics

Many data analytics tools we have today are powered by AI and machine learning. They can be used to analyze customer data and create buying behavior patterns which can help marketers make calculative predictions about a customer’s preferences and future purchases.

Insights from predictive analytics tools can help you make personalized recommendations to your customers, which are tailor-made according to their preferences.

Smart contactless marketing techniques can then be used to offer personalized deals based on their preference. AI technology can thus be used to deliver a more pleasurable customer experience.

According to Statista, 63% of US marketers agree that personalization can not only increase conversion rate but boost your revenue too. So, when you fine-tune your personalization strategy with the help of AI technology, you can expect much greater results.

3. Deliver a Smoother Shopping Experience

When operating in a highly competitive market, businesses need to look for innovative techniques to engage and retain their customers.

And given its importance among customers, CX can be the single deciding factor for users when choosing which brand they want to get associated with. AI technology can not only be used to draw customers to your website by offering tailored recommendations but also to enhance their shopping experience.

AI-powered ecommerce tools can be used to streamline the purchase process like never before. In-app recommendations, advanced filters to find the exact products your customers are looking for, shoppable videos, a simplified checkout process, and other features can ensure that your customers have an enjoyable shopping experience.

4. Offer Personalized Customer Service

Good customer service is at the heart of a unique customer experience. AI technology and machine learning can now be used to uncover the most common issues your customers face and proactively suggest solutions to enhance the customer experience in real time.

AI-powered chatbots are far more efficient and quick at answering a variety of queries that your customers may have. They can be tuned to make the conversations as humane as possible to ensure greater customer satisfaction.

They can be placed at strategic touchpoints in a customer’s shopping journey as well to provide additional information about the product or the deals and offers to expedite the buying process.

That’s how artificial intelligence can empower CRMs and take customer experience to another level.

5. Analyze Customer Feedback with Sentiment Analysis

To deliver a good customer experience, it’s vital for every business to know how its customers feel about its brand and products. And customer feedback is a great way to understand their sentiments.

AI technology today is capable of conducting large-scale sentiment analysis of customer feedback with greater accuracy and speed than humans.

Let’s say you are offering business accounting tools for small businesses and want to analyze what customers say about it on social media channels to understand their sentiments. AI-powered tools can be used to determine whether your customers are excited, satisfied, or angry about your product or customer service.

Such real-time sentiment analysis can help you close the feedback loop much faster and establish a positive brand reputation too. That’s because you’ll be able to spot and respond to negative customer feedback with ease.

When you use AI technology for customer experience this way, you are bound to have plenty of happy customers.

Are You Ready to Utilize AI Technology for Customer Experience?

We are still in the early days, and the benefits of AI technology for customer experience are quite exciting. And this also means that the possibilities of it growing out to become a more useful tool for CX are endless and evolving.

AI technology certainly is not a replacement for humans, but it can be a great assistant to your marketers to deliver exceptional customer experience. Go ahead and try some of the techniques suggested above to improve your customer experience and build a happy and loyal customer base.

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