In the end an expensive stupidity

In the end an expensive stupidity

A 46-year-old man from bamberg took the law into his own hands out of anger over a penalty notice. With a self-made nail board he had given a service vehicle of the traffic police two flat tires. This has now brought him before criminal court judge matthias schmolke. The perpetrator was tracked down by a photo trap for wild animals on which he had been accidentally photographed with his vehicle.

Once again peter O. (name changed) in october 2017 on the road with his truck around bamberg. As a professional driver for a construction company. Once again he is in a hurry: 17 hour kilometers too fast. That he was "flashed" in the process he will only find out two weeks later by mail. 30 euro fine to be paid, again. But instead of taking a hard look at himself and questioning his own driving behavior, peter O. Shorthand to the hammer. In his workshop, he drives a whole row of nails through a wooden slat and makes a handsome nailboard in a very short time. "He took a lot of trouble" the words of a police officer sounded almost appreciative.

Then inquires peter O. About the speed camera messages of the police upper franconia, where and when the next time a speed measurement is carried out. On the B 505 near pettstadt, he gets down to business. From years of experience on the road, he knows where the emergency vehicle will be. So he set to work a few meters from the federal highway on a forest road. There he digs a furrow into which he sinks his nailboard. On the camouflage of the "home-made trap, according to prosecutor andrea gotz, he scatters earth and leaves over it. It is autumn. When the police patrol arrives, everything is prepared. 58-year-old officer promptly drives over nailboard. "I have not noticed anything. I had the best chance of walking into it while unloading the equipment, if the wood hadn’t stuck to one of the tires."

No understanding

The police officer in question had no understanding of the publicly announced speed camera locations. Not only because of such sabotage actions. Also because then again and again traffic signs disappeared from the route, which indicated the speed limit. Once, someone had even closed the otherwise open gate to make access impossible. They want to make life difficult for them. "People always think that this is how we make the big money. We of the police are however no robbery knights and commissions receive we already not at all." It’s not about money, but about traffic safety. Everybody is looking for someone else’s fault, even though they were the ones who were speeding. After all, there had been another serious accident very close by shortly before "where we had to carry someone away again".

His client had only wanted to harass the police officers, but not to injure anyone, explained lawyer jochen kaller (bamberg). "Such acts of vigilante justice are otherwise completely alien to him." Peter O. I thought the vehicle was going over the nailboard, it made a noise, the tire pressure checker reported and then the tow truck had to come. He didn’t think that the traffic policeman would get out of the car and step into the nail board – and he didn’t want to do that either. A concrete danger for pedestrians or motorists had never existed, especially since the land was so remote that not much traffic was to be expected.

Mild circumstances

Lawyer kaller’s defense strategy was successful. The one from prosecutor . Gotz requested eight months of imprisonment for a dangerous interference with traffic, an attempted dangerous bodily injury and a property damage remained pure wishful thinking. "Only damage to property is provable", according to district court judge schmolke.

Criminal court judge schmolke found in favor of the defendant the confession, the lack of previous convictions and the minor property damage of just 500 euros for two defective car tires. With a 70-day fine of 65 euros each for damage to property, however, it turned out to be a costly stupidity. What is more annoying for the professional driver is that he is not allowed to sit behind the wheel again for a month. At least in this time he can not be flashed again.

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