Islam belongs to germany? Cdu rumbles over seehofer’s advance

Islam belongs to Germany? Cdu rumbles over seehofer's advance

So much opposition could come as a surprise, even for a lusty provocateur like horst seehofer – especially when he comes from the ranks of the CDU with such a rare lack of bluster. Excessive, fruitless, tactical – these are the adjectives used by CDU politicians when they publicly complain about the increasingly heated islam dispute with which the CDU/CSU sisters are starting the fourth legislative term of chancellor and CDU leader angela merkel. Yet the black sisters had just settled their years-long refugee dispute after the federal election.

Easter peace? By no means. Even if the president of the bundestag wolfgang schauble or the auben politician norbert rottgen ("tactically motivated debate"), "fruitless quarrel") don't use the name seehofer in their criticism, everyone in berlin understands that the CDU people mainly mean the new federal minister of the interior and home affairs. Every critical word for itself could give the chairman of the christian socialists food for thought.

Bamberg as location under discussion: interior minister seehofer plans deportation center

schauble, for example, who is also valued in CSU circles as a high-profile conservative and weighty antipole to merkel. So when this schauble says: "we can not stop the course of history. Everyone has to come to terms with the fact that islam has become a part of our country, this could not remain without reverberation even with seehofer.

Seehofer as a divider

Schauble, seehofer's predecessor as interior minister during merkel's first term in office (2005 to 2009), is acting as a warning in view of the roughly 4.5 million muslims in germany. Although the muslims had to realize that they were living in a country that was not shaped by muslim traditions, he does not forget to say. But the rest of the population also has to accept that there is a growing proportion of muslims in germany. A liberal society can only remain stable "if it conveys a sufficient degree of cohesion and trust".

That sits. It sounds like "horscht, isch over" (horscht, isch over) – like the legendary saying of schauble in the greece crisis 2015. The sentences of the bundestag president could be understood by seehofer as an appeal – he is accused of being a divider since he has emphasized the sentence that islam does not belong to germany, even in his new office. A minister of the interior, who is supposed to provide security and social peace, should care about this.

"Completely for the cat

One of the CDU's young hopefuls, who is also treasured by merkel, is looking particularly crisp this easter. Schleswig-holstein's head of government daniel gunther says the islam debate is either creating "an expectation he can't fulfill" among people who share seehofer's thesis. And in practice it simply has zero meaning. It's simply a debate that's completely for the birds." Everyone is asking: "and now, mr. Seehofer? Let's tear down all the mosques now?"

What's interesting about gunther's comments is that they reflect pretty much the same opinion that is said to be shared by merkel in the CDU. After all, the muslims are the second largest religious group in germany after the christians – so you can't say anything that could ultimately lead to the conclusion: the muslims must leave. Even well-educated, excellently integrated young muslims without any radical approach will finally be signaled: you don't belong to it. For merkel, who sees herself as chancellor of all in the country, such messages could be a horror.

Seehofer's goal: the state election

But the CSU leadership has one thing on its mind above all: the state election on 14. October. Then she wants to defend her absolute majority in bavaria. And keep the right-wing populists from the afd as small as possible. Even as interior and home minister, CSU leader seehofer will subordinate almost everything to this goal, they have long feared in the cduschon.

The CSU's intransigent stance is based primarily on polls. "You can't ignore the majority in favor of a minority, it says internally. Especially since this minority will probably not vote for him in the end anyway.

High approval rating for seehofer in bavaria

The CSU is also using a survey conducted by the hamburg-based GMS institute on behalf of SAT.1 bavaria from 22. Marz quoted. 77 percent of those surveyed in bavaria agreed with seehofer's statement that islam does not belong to germany. 62 percent of SPD voters also saw it that way; for the afd it was 93 percent.

In view of such figures, it is hardly surprising when alexander dobrindt, the head of the CSU's parliamentary group, who is regarded as a particularly tough advocate of the party line, makes it clear that his party will accept a new permanent dispute with its big sister on this issue if necessary. "The CSU will not move", he tells "focus. Basta. The chancellor cannot be pleased.


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