Kerber without pressure – start in brisbane

Kerber without pressure - start in brisbane

The 24-year-old tries to brush aside the fact that after her great results last year and her leap to fifth place in the world rankings she will be the focus of attention from now on. "No, the role of the hunted doesn’t scare me," said kerber with conviction.

The player from schleswig-holstein starts the new year at the WTA tournament in brisbane, which begins on sunday. After that, she plans to play in sydney before the australian open in melbourne, the first highlight of 2013. "It’s not going to be an easy year, but i’m just eager to prove that i can do even better," kerber said.

She had just two and a half weeks off after her elimination from the world championships in istanbul at the end of october, for which she was the first german to qualify since anke huber in 2001. "It’s been a long week," kerber admits, but she is convinced that the time has been enough to recharge her batteries. "I didn’t even think about tennis from the first day to the last," said kerber, who switched off during her vacation in the maldives. The only thrill was watching a shark during the diving course, otherwise they loved to dangle their soul.

Now kerber is ready for new challenges again. This time the north german had divided her preparation into three parts. First of all, there was a relaxed warm-up in her second home country, poland, followed by two weeks of intensive work at the tennis academy in offenbach, where andrea petkovic and austrian jurgen melzer also trained.

Finally, kerber prepared in her hometown of kiel before leaving for australia with her family after christmas in poland. "When you are in one place for a long time, time can also become too long. I think that was the best mix for me," said kerber, summing up her multi-track training phase.

After her first two tournament victories in paris and copenhagen in 2012, many fans expect the left-hander to win one of the four grand slam tournaments in 2013. But kerber doesn’t want to put herself under pressure. "This has been a problem in the past, so i know what it’s like to put myself under too much pressure. Then I can just stay at home," said kerber, who almost ended her career in 2011 after a series of first-round defeats that lasted several months.

That’s why she sees the next twelve months primarily as a "confirmation year". "If I can sit at home in december 2013 and say I’ve given everything, then the year has gone well for me," said kerber. "It doesn’t matter whether i’m ranked first, fifth, tenth, 30th or 100th."According to fed cup team manager barbara rittner, such a crash is not to be feared. "Maybe she can even go one better with this year’s experience," rittner said rather hopefully.


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