Kitzingen blossoms thanks to the “entente floral” competition

Kitzingen blossoms thanks to the

Since the end of march, kitzingen has been blooming even more than usual. Behind this is the competition called "entente floral. Under the motto "growing together – flourishing together planting, seeding and gardening was carried out throughout the city. Yesterday, the seven-headed jury stopped in kitzingen to take a close look at the activities and projects and evaluate them.

Hildegunde heinrich was thrilled to see "how much life" was involved they have received the city. The landscape architect from frankfurt is the chairman of the jury that traveled to kitzingen. She is also deputy chairman of the jury group for the whole of germany and also judges the european decision.

Tour through all of kitzingen
The jury spent a day in kitzingen to see nine of the 30 projects that have been launched in the city in recent months. From the old cemetery, the route went through the market square, to the park at bleichwasen, the roder nursery, the goldberg business park and to other stops in the district. According to a catalog of criteria "ranging from nature conservation and environmental protection to tourist aspects she evaluated the city. 20 german cities are taking part this year. The jury group has already been to bad fussing and pfarrkirchen. Today she judges schweinfurt.

The spark should fly
Each jury member comes from a different field and evaluates according to certain criteria. Verena reelfs from hanau is in the entente floral jury for the second time. She ran a tree nursery for many years. What particularly appeals to her about the competition is the commitment of the citizens: "the best thing is when you realize that the citizens are involved and the spark has been ignited." It gives her pleasure when she sees how well projects are received by the younger generation as well.

City gardener johannes linder is particularly pleased with how well children and schoolchildren have participated in the activities. With school classes and kindergarten groups, he has been sowing and planting for all it's worth over the past few weeks. Cure bites, which he prepared with daycare children, are to be prepared according to old recipes – according to the motto "grandson sats, grandma cooks". "In this way we can even bring generations together in a relaxed way. With the tool 'grun' we demand communication in the whole city, according to the motto: flowers beat bridges", says johannes lindner laughing. For him not only the "green" pays but also the social aspect.

Staying with it
Jury chairwoman hildegunde heinrich also finds this aspect crucial: "it's not just about colorful flowers, but rather about being with each other. That's what the competition is all about." The medal that can be won at the end is not important, but what the competition draws out. "The city has managed to get many people involved and, above all, to ensure that it will continue after the competition is over."
This is close to the heart of hilmar hein from the city's building department. He coordinated the competition. "We hope that we will continue to start and implement projects with the burgers competition the city is to grow under the motto "together – together blossom" become greener and livelier. Public places are spared plants in many projects. The goal is also to involve the castles, activate them and start projects together with them.

Europe the entente florale competition is running all over europe. 20,000 towns and villages from twelve nations take part every year. Germany has been taking part for almost ten years. The national competition "together to blossom" we at the central horticultural association e.V., the german city council, the german association of cities and municipalities and the german tourism association


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