Kulmbach district harvest festival: “farmers deserve more respect

Kulmbach district harvest festival: 'farmers deserve more respect

It was a rather modest harvest this year for the farmers in the district of kulmbach. Many businesses are even fighting for their existence. But the central harvest festival is still important to them.

“Nonsensical and impractical requirements”

BBV chairman harald peetz, known for his critical and at the same time honest words, made it clear in his funeral at the frankenfarm in himmelkron that farmers have other things on their minds these days: “it is not easy as a farmer to comply with the many, mostly nonsensical and impractical requirements and regulations and still earn an income for the family.”

A climate of contempt for farmers” prevails among the population, for many farmer families the limit of the bearable is exceeded. “They feel they are the scapegoat for everything that is currently going wrong in our country.”

"The bee abused"

In the referendum, parties and individuals had misused the honeybee to push through their ideologies and to unilaterally pillory the farming profession, continued peetz. The "reward law he described as a toothless paper tiger.

Peetz was particularly critical of the "fridays for future" initiative-movement around: "what to think of demonstrators who have only discovered their conscience for the climate during school hours and not during the vacations, and on the other days would prefer to be driven to school by mama-taxi, everyone can make up their own mind about that, but unfortunately they are supported by the media and brought out in a big way."

Silent protest

At the meeting in himmelkron, BBV district chairman wilfried lowinger called on farmers to use the harvest festival to enter into a dialogue, because the country will continue to need farmers in the future. The "green crosses, according to lowinger, the plants erected throughout germany are a silent protest, a reminder to politicians and society.

"In times of globalization and high-tech, it is forgotten that our farmers, with their work in nature, provide for the most important thing of all: our food", according to lowinger. Many people are no longer aware of this, but it is "not self-evident that we have enough to eat. Around 800 million people worldwide were going hungry, and the fact that people in germany and europe were better off was thanks to farmers. "They are the ones who keep us full, not the discounters. "

Lowinger: climate hysteria

Lowinger pointed out that more than a hundred years ago, a farmer fed four people. Today, a farmer produces food for 160 people on average. The weather also influences the harvest: "rain, hail, heat and drought are decisive factors. After the catastrophic drought year of 2018, we had to contend with severe drought again. Especially in the land of kulmbach this was very pronounced." The district chairman also made it clear that "the eye has been totally lost" in the current climate hysteria be. Farmers are the only ones who have exemplified the principle of sustainability for thousands of years, concluded wilfried lowinger.

Mdl martin schoffel, deputy chairman of the agriculture committee in the state parliament and agricultural spokesman for the CSU, pointed out that the harvest in the district of kulmbach had turned out very poorly in a decades-long comparison. He called for farmers to be spared unfair attacks and disrespect.

Far too many experts

"If resignation spreads in the industry, then our people and our country are missing one of the most important things we have: the farmers who provide our daily bread and maintain the landscape as we all love and appreciate it." Schoffel emphasized that the farmers had earned the respect and appreciation of the people.

Today, 82 million citizens wanted to have a say in agriculture, but this made it extremely difficult for politicians and farmers themselves. Many people no longer realize the laws that govern the way farms operate today. Here again more proximity, understanding and knowledge must be brought to the population. "One thing must also be clear: property must be respected. This is a principle that is not accepted in every political direction."

Convincing people

In their speeches, deputy district administrator christina flauder (SPD) and mayor gerhard schneider (CSU) referred to the importance of agriculture.

In her closing remarks, beate opel was of the opinion that her profession needed to do more work in the field of persuasion.

Thoughts on thanksgiving spoken by pastor michael krug of the evangelical church community of himmelkron. The countrywomen’s choir, under the direction of christine thoma, framed the county harvest festival at the frankenfarm.

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