Kupser mogen’s heib – nahwarme in demand

Kupser mogen's heib - nahwarme in demand

Despite a debt level of around twelve million euros, a per capita debt of 1,500 euros and the corona crisis – in which the bayerischer gemeindetag assumes at least 20 percent loss of revenue for the municipalities – the kups want to realize some major projects in the coming years. The primary and secondary schools, the kindergarten in the core community, the flood protection in johannisthal and the initiation of a simple village renewal in au are all part of this.

"To bring all this on the way, without blowing up the budget, that will be the achievement", said mayor bernd rebhan (CSU) in the vacation committee.

The mayor explained that the county intends to rehabilitate the KC 13 in au. For bayernwerk, this is a reason to carry out the underground cabling not only in the local thoroughfare, but also in valentin-fischer-strabe and gansanger. It should also be examined whether there is a need for action in the areas of water and wastewater.

34 kupser were pleased to connect the laying of a near-warmth network in connection with the tree removals a feasibility study is now to provide, among other things, detailed inquiries and evaluations of potential connection customers, calculations and the assessment of demand means. The mayor pointed out that in the village renewal demands can be made both for consultations, planning and implementation. The costs are estimated at 1.22 million euros.

He is well aware that the municipality has a lot to cope with, but: "should we forego 900,000 euros in demand funds??" And, according to the mayor, "i don’t promise that everything will be done this way, but we’ll make every effort to do it!"

Matthias kohler from the kohler/bad steben engineering office provides a current status report on the subject of flood protection in johannisthal: "we are under a bit of time pressure. We should have a plan ready for approval in the event of the removal of the roadside tree on the B 173." He pointed out that the krebsbach is heavily obstructed and the drainage is insufficient.

Therefore, there are also floods. He spoke of an intake structure, a throttle and an overflow sill at the krebsbach to divert the water away from johannisthal and into a pipe. The laying of the almost 500-meter-long pipe crosses the federal highway and the railroad line, up to the rodach river. Kohler put the costs at just under 4.07 million euros.

He also reported on discussions with the private owners concerned and with the city of kronach. The major part of the land needed for these measures is in the hands of the state.

The council of the municipality wants to continue with the presented plan. The public representatives and the people concerned will be heard. After that, a zoning procedure should be initiated. The "gretchen question" is now at stake, according to ursula eberle-berlips. "Who helps the market kups?" The point, rebhan replied, was to create a building code. After that we will see.

Ralf pohl (SPD) warned that postponing major projects could cause difficulties for the municipality. The mayor said that he does not know how the income from business taxes will develop. He informed that in the may meeting the basic data for the budget will be presented, and in june the figures will be approved.

The annual accounts for 2019 were presented. According to this, the administrative budget was exceeded by 254,755 euros, the property budget closes with 6.65 million euros. This corresponds to an underrun of the budget estimate of around 1.09 million euros.

Mayor bernd rebhan informed about decisions from the last non-public meeting. Accordingly, the committee voted for the demolition of the object nageler strabe 12 in the framework of the forderoffensive northeast bavaria. Furthermore, the market council spoke in favor of the renewal of the water mains and house connections as part of the renovation of the sandstrabe in tuschnitz. The order went to the company schmittnagel from wallenfels for 130,000 euros. Also approved was the purchase of a leased vehicle for the administration of the company max schulz.

Rebhan also announced that the government of upper franconia had agreed to an early start of construction by the county for the extension of the burkersdorf through road (KC 22). He also announced that the wasserzweckverband eichenbuhler gruppe will be dissolved on 30 april 2020. April 2020: the participating districts of weibenbrunn and tiefenklein will in future supply eichenbuhl with water and hain will draw it from kups. The mayor also announced that he would convene a meeting to elect a board of directors for the village renewal process oberlangenstadt. The exact date depends on the development of the corona pandemic. In addition, for a change of use to the doctor’s office with window installation, at anger 2 a kups the municipal consent was granted.


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