“Lange wiesen” in sonnefeld was completed in record time

Nine housing sites created, seven sold before the official inauguration, one reserved and only one site still available: this is the success story of the "lange wiesen" new construction area in sonnefeld.

Even before mayor michael keilich (CSU) could cut the famous ribbon for the release, it became clear that the municipality of sonnefeld had made the right decision in creating the new building area. Keilich recalled that the first plans had already been made in the 1980s. "The plans then disappeared in the drawer, because the existing access road did not meet the guidelines", the mayor explained and looked back: when the topic was taken up again by the municipal council, the problem of the access road was still there. One spoke with julian faber and he showed himself ready to sell a rough part of his garden in the bieberbacher strabe, so that the access road could be built. The way for the new building area was clear. In 2017, the development plan for the 8,000-square-meter land became legally valid.

The drought was good for building

Now, during the official release, michael keilich emphasized that the implementation of the project for an administrative unit had taken place in record time. The long drought had played into the hands of the protagonists.

Keilich presented some interesting figures at the meeting. 527000 euros were invested in the construction area. The total purchase of the land cost 135,000 euros, the development cost 189,000 euros, and 10,000 euros were spent on surveying.

Much was buried under the ground, according to michael keilich. 165,000 euros had to be invested so that the building sites could be connected to the sewer system. Relatively cheap seems the drinking water pipeline with 28 000 euro.

700 cubic meters of excavated earth

Klaus muller from the responsible engineering office IVS in kronach explained that an underground reservoir with a capacity of more than 35 cubic meters of water had been built in the construction area. Muller explained that the ditch had not had the capacity to drain the water during heavy rains.

A total of 168 meters of pavement was constructed, klaus muller said. It had been necessary to remove 700 cubic meters of excavated earth and to place the same amount of frost protection and base course. According to muller, two underground hydrants ensure that fire protection is guaranteed.

At the end of the inauguration ceremony, michael keilich told the audience that the council had chosen the road in the new construction area as "lange wiesen" (long meadows) have named.

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