Latino countries discuss wave of refugees from venezuela

latino countries discuss wave of refugees from venezuela

In view of the sharp rise in the number of refugees from venezuela, representatives of several latin american countries have been discussing joint m.

"We need to make the crisis visible and channel financial aid in the right direction," said ecuador’s executive minister andres teran at the start of a two-day meeting of representatives from a dozen countries in quito on monday.

Once rich venezuela is in a deep economic crisis. For the current year, the international monetary fund (IMF) expects an inflation rate of one million percent. In addition, the venezuelan economic output plummeted by 18 percent. For lack of foreign exchange, the world’s richest country can hardly import food, medicine or daily necessities anymore.

According to the united nations, at least 2.3 million people have already left the country. The venezuelan opposition even assumes up to four million refugees. That was over ten percent of the total population. Often the migrants travel hundreds of kilometers to the fub, sleep in the open and do not have enough to eat and drink on the way.

The neighboring country of colombia alone already has more than 935.000 venezuelans admitted. "We are not in a position to deal with this migration on our own," said the colombian minister of agriculture, carlos holmes trujillo, on the radio station RCN.

The government in bogota has asked for the appointment of a UN special envoy and the creation of an international relief fund. On wednesday, the organization of american states (oas) will also discuss the refugee crisis in the region.

The venezuelan government did not attend the meeting in quito. Information minister jorge rodriguez said in caracas that his emigrant compatriots were often discriminated against abroad: "they put them in camps and take pictures of them for the files."

His sister and vice president delcy rodriguez explained: "the alleged humanitarian crisis in venezuela is just an invention to justify intervention."


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