“Mainly drug stories”

Anyone who currently has an appointment with uwe bauer can’t get past the fever thermometer. The requirements at the district court of forchheim are strict. For the protection and safety of all. Uwe bauer is the new director of the forchheim district court.

His predecessor franz truppei moved to the bamberg higher regional court, bauer previously worked as a presiding judge at the bamberg regional court. Frankischer tag visited him in his office and talked to him about his work under corona conditions, crime in forchheim and the traps that moved him the most.

Mr. Bauer, you have been director of the forchheim district court for almost a year now. What is the state of crime in the city??

Uwe bauer: i must say i was amazed. Especially when it comes to juvenile matters, we have to deal with an unusually large number of cases here in forchheim. It is mainly drug stories. I do not know why, maybe because of the proximity to erlangen and nurnberg. But we have a really small hotspot here.

How has the corona crisis changed their work in the court??

For example, there are no more cases of domestic violence, as it is often thought. We can’t confirm that at all. Most of our cases still revolve around theft, insults and traffic offenses. The more serious cases end up in the bamberg district court anyway. But what is striking this year: the typical pub brawls or bodily injuries, for example at the annafest, are naturally absent due to corona.

Has the work in the court changed because of the pandemic??

Yes, pretty much everything. To react to all the requirements and hygienic measures and to implement everything, that is my main task at the moment. Every day the situation can change. We have already had a few suspicious cases, but fortunately none of the employees has had corona yet. It’s still a groundbreaking story for all of them. Everyone who enters the building has their temperature taken. Masks are compulsory in all corridors. In the courtrooms, the respective judges decide whether the mask is to be worn or not. It is also a matter of understanding. The eyes do not always tell everything.

They have passed through many stages in their professional careers (see info box). Are there experiences that you have not forgotten to this day?

I once ran into a defendant again by chance. I ordered a pizza and he was the delivery man. He recognized me right away. The district court sentenced him to a prison term. In the appellate chamber of the district court of bamberg, where I worked, I reviewed his case and he was preserved. He thanked us and told us that it had changed his whole life. He has gotten away from drugs, has a full-time job and a steady relationship. That showed me that it’s worth giving young criminals a chance. You yourself, as the director, no longer sit in the court, but are responsible for the administration. What is one of your main tasks?? In addition to the administration, it is especially the supervision procedures that are important. After strokes, mental illnesses such as dementia or schizophrenia, I check together with my colleagues thomas heer and katja griebl whether a guardian is needed or even whether placement in a corresponding facility has to be ordered. We are always on site in hospitals and nursing homes to get a personal impression of the system. That’s not always easy, especially now in corona times. The interview was conducted by sabine memmel.

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