Marktbreiter collectors celebrate jubilee

Marktbreiter collectors celebrate jubilee

Stamp collecting is a hobby that germans have been indulging in for over 100 years. In times of crisis, postage stamps were considered to be the most inflation-proof investment, along with gold and diamonds. First-class and rare stamps have a high value today; however, only an expert can determine the authenticity with certainty, since there are also many forgeries in circulation.
"Today, the focus of the collector market is shifting to eastern europe and asia. People in russia and china, for example, now have money and gross pent-up demand – they are buying up entire collections" says the 1. Chairman of the stamp collector community marktbreit (BSGM) stefan mloschin. At the association's annual general meeting on friday evening, the 41-year-old took over the presidency of his association, which he has been a member of since 1984, for the eighth time in succession. He replaced theo grohmann, who wanted to hand over the presidency to younger hands after more than 30 years.
Grohmann was a founding member of the BSGM, which celebrates its 50th birthday this year. Birthday celebrations. Mloschin previously headed the club's youth group. "Today, unfortunately, there is a lack of young collectors" he regrets. "Stamp collecting is no longer in fashion. Writing letters has become rare, young people are growing up in the digital age."
He himself started collecting as a schoolboy, first germany in general. In 1987 he specialized in marche brands, especially the gebruder grimm are his main focus. "The first edition of the collected tales of the brothers grimm celebrated its 200th anniversary last year. As early as 1900, the german post office issued postcards with special stamps for this purpose." In the meantime, mloschin has built up an exhibition exhibit with his marche stamps, with which he participates in nationwide competitions. His collection has already received the gold award at the federal level.

Cards from the vending machine
He proudly presents, for example, his collection of ten postcards with motif stamps of the grimm's fairy tales. The special thing about it: "these postcards were available around 1900 only in so called postcard machines, the stamp was already printed on them." These stamps were produced by the kunstverlag fur automatenverkauf in berlin. 123 years later, this year, the german munzgesellschaft will issue a series of 10 euro special coins with tales of the brothers grimm, starting with the tale "schneewittchen".
Mloschin's collection will certainly be on display at the big anniversary celebration on 19. October in the warehouse, and on 7. April at the regional coarse exchange day in the warehouse to be admired. On his 50th. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary, the association issued a sheet of stamps with nine market-wide motifs, plus two special postmarks, a bavarian one for stamp day and a BSGM postmark for the 50th anniversary of the german postage stamp. Anniversary. The festival will be held at the mabria 13 – the marktbreiter stamp exhibition – on 19. And 20. October celebrated, there is also a festive catalog. "The last catalog mabria 2008 already received the highest nationwide award, so you can be very excited about the mabria 2013.

22 exchange evenings
At the annual general meeting, mloschin reviewed the past year of the association. "The association currently has 28 members, including an honorary chairman and two honorary members. There were 22 swap evenings, attended by 185 collectors, and a rough swap day in the warehouse." The club presented itself for the first time at the christmas market with its own stand in the hall of the town hall.
Treasurer karlheinz conrad the presented a positive cash report. Unanimity also prevailed in the new elections. All board members were confirmed in their office. 1. The chairman is stefan mloschin, his deputy is rolf mloschin. Kurt schlegelmilch is the secretary and karlheinz conrad is the treasurer. Auditors are jurgen poppner and jurgen damm.


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